Sacred Soul Inspiration
Teach me how to trust my heart,
my mind,
my intuition,
my inner knowing,
the senses of my body,
the blessings of my spirit,
teach me to trust these things
so that  I may enter my sacred space
and love beyond my fear
and thus walk in balance
with the passing of each glorious
- Lakota Prayer -
It is built within us to be more. In
truth, we are all Seekers.
- Anita Kuhn Carria
Finding the Answers  

You are a unique individual with a personality.  It is
easy to forget who we are, what we want and desire for
ourselves and to become what others want us to be or
expected of us. It is common for our outer self to want
to fit in and therefore give in for less, take the path of
least resistance, and  follow  the current trends and in
time, we forget to listen to who we are on the inside. We
no longer hear our Inner Self, our Soul and through our
Soul our Higher Self  All of this does not make us bad
or wrong.  It just means we have forgotten who we truly

True individuality or uniqueness is your nature.  There
is none other like you. You are a light within a greater
light.  There is nothing more joyous and empowering
than to remember your true uniqueness.

Remembering Your True Nature Is
Easy and Begins with the Soul

We perceive life and make decisions through
filters of our personality, habits and past
tendencies and what our own world has taught us
to see.  As we grow up, we find that there are
things we do not agree with, but the
confrontation or fight to remain true to your inner
knowing gives way to the path of least
resistance.  Many people eventually forget how to
listen to their Inner Self and many begin to doubt
what they know.  This is the time to remember
how to hear your Inner Self, your Soul which
opens the door for you to return home to your
magnificent uniqueness, your Light and your power
bringing you miracles of joy, abundance, clarity
and prosperity.
"Soul Coaches go beyond the
boundaries of ordinary coaching. They
reach into the deepest wellspring of
the being to touch the sacred space
within. They provide positive and
practical steps for their clients to
exprience an extraordinary, fulfilling
life."-Denise Linn
Ways to Help

There are as many ways help you and to serve you.. We as
humans are not made the same, therefore we cannot
depend on one process or program to work for all of us.
Please check out Services and Programs.  I am happy to
address any concerns and answer any questions that you
may have.  I trust all Seekers, clients and guests, to know
what feels right for them.

All the practices of Sacred Soul Inspirations are considered
Complementary / Alternative/ Holistic Health Care, and should
in no way and at no time be used as a substitute for medical
care from your own physicians.
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