Be the One; Manifesting Peace Begins Within


The events today and over the past few years are necessary in the sense that we cannot change what we cannot admit. To bring these human adversities to Light does just that, it brings them to THE LIGHT that they may be recognized, accepted, changed, healed and transformed into Love.  How we choose to participate in these events defines each of us- singularly. Choosing not to participate in any form or fashion also exposes who we are- or not.  It is imperative to understand that those who use the tools of destruction such as guns, bombs, and knives are void of something within. The acts of violence are not carried out by healthy, well-balanced humans who have a Spiritual core of any kind.  These humans seem to be searching for something that exists beyond their selves, out into a world that they do not know they can create and manifest. Even more important, they are worthy to have all that they desire, but due to this void, feeling worthy is not a consideration.  All of us, whether we are teachers, clergy, parents, friends, relatives, federal workers, servicemen and women, service professionals, home makers and any other label one wishes to wear have the ability and the responsibility to notice and offer what we can.  To resist is to ensure the longevity of the issue.  The more we resist, the more painful it is.  It is not our responsibility to take ownership another, but it is our responsibility to own our thoughts, actions and words.


“I have yet to see a horrenDSCN2449dous act of violence by a human being who had a Spiritual Core or Faith.”  – Anita Kuhn Carria



We are all a part of the historical movements that are taking place.  The violence in the streets as well as the violence perpetuated through media posts such as Facebook and Twitter reap emotional reactions which in turn give birth to others reacting to those reactions. Reacting to those reactions and reacting to those reactions.  The political scene is a cartoon playing itself out and the masses wonder how this all can happen.   I can heacanstockphoto11719624r it, “Not me! Not me!”  “I had nothing to do with it.” This volatile atmosphere is perpetuating a dread so deep that it is easier to turn our heads or ignore it and hope it goes away. Perhaps, this is how Germans fell into the chains of Hitler.  Chaos can lead to peace and for sure, all pain leads to learning in hindsight.  The question is, “Do we complain about the events taking place and hope that someone does something or do we use our words, our hearts and meet up with like-minded individuals and allow our pure hearts with the goodness for all of humanity to move us and inspire us to beget a new beginning?”   I can hear the resistance to this, everything from, “It won’t work,” to “It isn’t going to do any good,” and Sounds good to me, but it will be useless because BTXEY isn’t going to change.”   It is a relief knowing those who defended the colonies in the Revolutionary War or those who helped with the Underground Railroad not to mention those who marched and voted for equal rights didn’t feel or think this way.


Benjamin Franklin put his own son in prison for years because he was a Loyalist.  Many of our forefathers who signed the Declaration of Independence and or fought for our freedom not only lost their fortunes and homes, they were outcast by many in society and forgotten.  Despite all of the lives that have been needlessly lost in wars that we may live in a land of freedom and we abuse these freedoms to abuse others.  Yes, there are bad police officers and yes, there are some officers that are not well trained, but that does not make all officers wrong. Yes, there are areas in our country that need healed and need to change for the good of all, but there is no need to incite hate to address the situation.  It is disheartening when Leaders of our Nation publicly model judgmental actions condemning alleged perpetrators before they are tried and convicted, peppering language with labels and emotional commentaries. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming, our Leaders should be exemplary in behavior, word and deed and mostly for being only concerned with how he or she is responsible for their own self only. Hate and negativity are contagious and repeated merely for the pleasure of the power it seems to yield over others. This morning there was a video on Facebook. It appeared to have been  recorded by a black teenage girl or a woman encouraging three young black children to beat up a much younger little girl who was white.  The female filming the children was laughing. To share the video clip, even to voice frustration and anger would be an act to perpetuate the climate of hate and divisiveness.  The media is full of all the wrongs and woes and yet, there is an absence of objectivity.  There often lacks the other side of the story, but the country and even the world will witness all of this unfortunate news being sensationalized invoking raw emotions and higher ratings.  The sad reality is most of us are unaware that we are pawns on a stage being used as the face in a news story. The mere fact that we as a nation succumb to making decisions out of raw emotions is quite truthfully the chains we create and wear upon ourselves.

canstockphoto4149725  Peace and healing starts with each of us individually.  We must monitor our own Self before we act upon anything of importance.  It is imperative to go within our own Self to check, “Is this an emotion or a feeling?”  An emotion is created when we bring in our own experiences, beliefs and understandings as we observe or experience a situation or information that is being shared.  Should the messenger be emotional or manipulative, our emotions will escalate in accordance to the degree of those of the messenger.  Feelings are pure, from within without interference or judgments.  The only advice I can offer is to practice observing the mind for the use of labels, for it is in labeling we begin the art of judgment.  What may appear to be a lazy person begging for money may well be a person who has a difficult time learning due to fetal alcohol syndrome or may suffer brain damage due to a traumatic accident.  First, consider that it could be You. Yes, You.  Each of us is made in the “Likeness of God” and if this true, then the Creator is in each of us. We all do not look alike, so it cannot be our physical bodies.  Besides, really? To believe the Divine Creator is a physical man that creates many worlds and that He thinks according to our logic is an antiquated and humorous postulation.  Back to the point.  We cannot live in peace and live a life of health, prosperity and joy that is our Divine Right if we live in a place of judgment or allow ourselves to exist in a state of emotions less than the Love of Spirit.  To LIVE -as opposed to exist- would be a choice to direct your thoughts and energy in an action that serves your highest good and in turn All That Is.

On 9-11, scientists who were recording waves off Earth found that the waves were almost non-existent.  There was virtually no crime rate for the six to nine hours after the terrorist attacks.  This phenomenon was due to prayer from the Hearts of many over of the planet.  In prayer, in meditation of the Heart, it only requires the square root of one percent of the affected population to bring into life a desired outcome.  Science has proven our Hearts are powerful Energy centers, more powerful than any other part of the body.  Spiritually and physically, when we go into our Heart center and focus in a place of Love, we can profoundly manifest and create.  All that is required to change your Self and or your World is that you believe and that you are in a place of Love. To doubt or to “hope” it will work would be to be in a place of not having Faith.  Doubt and Faith cannot co-exist, both are absolute. It is either/or, not both. At this very moment, feel your Heart and notice what it wishes to experience and allow your imagination to become your friend.  You can have what you want, including a world you desire for your children and grand-children and it begins with you and it begins this very moment.


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