It Doesn’t Feel Right- Listening to Messages From Your Soul

If you lived to be seventy years old and were paid one dollar for each year you lived, including leap years, you would earn approximately $25,830.00   The value of our days cannot be in money, but in how wisely we spent our days. The question is, “How do you live each day to the fullest?”  I may not have the exact answer to the question, but I have come to an understanding about is not living each moment or day to the fullest.  My heart and soul loves to sing, not melodically, but sing with joy and pleasure.  Sometimes, in order for my heart and soul to sing, I immerse myself in Faith and walk out on a long, dangerous limb and begin pruning away all that does not support my Highest Good from my Tree of Life, from my Universe. IMG_3578 This does not take courage or wisdom, it only requires that I listen to my feelings, I listen to my soul.  Our souls communicate with us often, we need to be reminded of  the signs and the language.

The language is one we speak already. For example, I thought I wanted a teaching job, but while considering the application I noticed my chest and stomach muscles tightened. I decided to test this feeling and I visualized myself teaching in that particular space and place and the tightness worsened.  Years ago, my daughter and I shared the same experience of listening to our soul. My friend’s daughter joined us at the restaurant table and as she took her seat she gave an excuse as to why she was late; I felt as if my body was in total arrest, the words didn’t feel right, but I stayed silent and listened. After lunch, my teenage daughter confided she didn’t feel right about the excuse for being late offered by her friend. Sometimes, we can feel uncomfortable with what is not said or done as what had occurred with my late sister.  I still feel absolutely ashamed that I did not answer my sister’s calls; each time the telephone rang, I dreaded answering it and I believed I did not have the energy to answer it.  In hindsight, I now realize that I could not speak to her for to hear her truth would have forced me to see I shared the same truth of horror. Yes, something was not right, it didn’t feel right for her or for me.

Our souls try to communicate with us many times with good feelings as well as feelings of discomfort.  This uncomfortable feeling is not relegated to only people, but happens with issues, situations and homes as well.  You may avoid an area of your home because a hole in the wall needs fixed or the wall needs cleaned or painted. You may stay inside the house because your yard needs mowed, the garden has been neglected or the door needs some TLC. We avoid confronting the child who sleeps at inappropriate hours or is behaving out of character,  yet, we know something doesn’t feel right.  Perhaps, there is a relationship you are in that needs ended, but you find reasons for all of the discomfort and sadness to avoid the fact that the relationship does not feel right.

In reality, not doing anything about whatever it is that does not feel right steals your energy like a vacuum.  Those nagging people in our lives and the squeaky wheel gets all of our attention in our minds and sometimes they evoke emotions of anger, sadness, frustration and resentment. These responses  and any other responses that are less than love feeds our energy to the elephant, the problem in the room or the issue, depleting our energies. Quite often in order to attempt to avoid experiencing displeasure, we do not make any attempt to correct, address, repair, question or scrutinize the elephant in the room and the choice to ignore the issue, the elephant in the room that “doesn’t feel right” spawns a feeling doom that seems to grow over time.

Suppressing feelings of discomfort is unhealthy for us.  Even the discomfort from our physical environment such as a closet that needs emptied or a kitchen that is overwhelmingly unorganized and packed can affect our emotional, physical and spiritual health.  We are energetic beings and these feelings and thoughts that we have swept under the rug become blockages in our bodies, blocking our systems fromacupuncture healing and repairing.  Acupuncturists use the meridians which are paths of energy that run though-out our physical body to keep us in excellent health and emotional wellness.  There have been times when the practitioner could not find the meridians on the client.  As an Integrated Energy Therapist, I remove these blockages and restore the connection in the meridians restoring the flow of energy.   Blockages come from our energy field outside of our bodies and move into our physical bodies. These blockages are dis-ease.  The blockages are from not being at ease;  “dis” means “not”.  “Dis- Ease” — “Not at Ease”.  It is important to acknowledge when we are not at ease in order to prevent illness.

It really isn’t important to know it is bad Feng Shui to have a mirror face out the window, but it is wise to be aware of  a room that does not feel right.  If a room does not feel right, move things around the room, with each piece moved it may be that  another one may need to be moved. The items that make up your space are like stars in a constellation, each piece plays energetically upon another including the art work and mirrors.  Moving your constellation in your sacred space, your universe must feel right.  Allow yourself to feel it out.  It isn’t in your head, you can’t see it (though there are a few that can), you must relax and allow yourself to feel with the center of your body. Move a piece or two then sit and feel, look around and feel each item.  Unfortunately, it is not as easy to move people around in your life, but the people in your life have a huge impact on your energy and health as well.

If  you have children, you may want to model a healthy way of life that is effective, efficient, respectful and healthy.   Looking back in our personal life at all the difficulties and pain we have endured, we can rejoice that we lived through them.  Not only did we survive, we learned from them and most often thrived.  There is no possible way anyone can thrive in any situation, relationship or space that does not support them.  If nothing you can do in these situations or relationships has changed it to “feel right” it never will.

It is wonderful and rewarding to give to others, but we buy this myth that it is a sign of weakness or it is an inconvenience if we personally ask for support or help, yet when others ask us for our assistance, we jump at the chance and never consider them weak or incompetent for asking.  Seeking out others is a sign of courage and faith.  Perhaps, a way to empower us to ask others to assist us is to see our request as a gift to them – a chance to be of help and to give to another human being. saving baby birdTry to see that we live in a symbiotic relationship with all life, including those we love and those we may not like.  We are not separate from the world around us, we are a part of our homes and they are part of us as it is so with the land, the sky, sun, moon and all of nature.  The fibers that make up your material world come from our Earth, they come from nature and they are chemically bonded together for your use just as your body is formed from the elements of our planet, chemically bonded for your use to have a physical experience.  Cherish the gifts of all living and non-living and as you do discover the changes around you and to you.

It is important to utilize personal space to make life as it is to be.  Those in your life are a part of your universe and each player must dance with you in a dance that serves both of you. You and only you are responsible for you- your SELF.   If it feels right, your Soul is letting you know you are in harmony, if there is discomfort, your Soul is communicating with you the cause of the discomfort is not in your Highest Good.  If something moves you and feels right, it is. Faith means nothing has to make sense.  If it feels right, do it; if it doesn’t feel right, don’t. The moments in life are fleeting, make them yours and make them the best.

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