Sourcing Inner Guidance

     As we release our need to rely on the illusion of the limitations of linear reality, our intuition becomes more and more frequent and more consistent.  After much practice with testing and listening to our intuition, we begin to glimpse and grow to trust the true nature of what Is.If we have not learned to begin to trust our intuition by now, we will soon, for each of us has had plenty of experience of wishing we had listened to these messages known as gut feelings or intuition.

It is inevitable that we will each  learn to follow our own inner guidance, preferring it to the guidance being offered by other sources of information (people or beings).  For the very sense of separation that we seek to transcend is reinforced when we offer our power to another being who claims to have psychic powers- and they may well have these powers.  The information that may be provided us from any of these sources can only be validated by our inner knowingness.  The opportunity for each of us is to recognize that we have within us a remarkable barometer of what is and what is not. We can, and will learn to,  rely on this guidance and the information that lies within each of us.

Information that is offered by another can only be as good as that person’s filter of their own consciousness.  Yes, some are able to peek through the veils with varying degrees of accuracy and report what is sensed, heard or seen, but this vision of the other worlds is not wisdom. The Truth of another cannot be seen from another without bias or subjectivity. It cannot be accepted or perceived as wisdom.  There are are a rare number of us who have totally transcended the veils of illusion through their own personal journeys and I, personally, do not want to bet against the odds that the chosen psychic is precise and has totally transcended their own lessons and lifetimes in a moment of despair.

As I have told clients, there are so many possible outcomes available to them for any situation.  The guidance I may offer- or see- would be one of many of an infinite field of possibilities.  To offer one from my perceived perspective would alter their choices and at the same time, the client exercising their free will would, by definition, alter the “prophecy” and render it invalid. (On a side note, if you tell others of your intentions or what you are manifesting, it most likely will not happen.  Keep your plans close to your heart.)

There is always a message or meaning in all of our actions. If you or I went to another person for advice and asked them for guidance about the future, you or I would be making a statement, vibrationally, that the valid information you or I seek is not available to you or I personally. This is equal to doubting our own self and that in itself chokes the flow of our Inner Guidance or that which comes from Spirit/Source.

It has become popular to invoke the help of sources beyond our physical world for guidance  and information. It is imperative to understand the different levels of consciousness and the number of levels of perspective that parallel their level of transformation. If these guides had had physical form, it is necessary to understand the information you receive from them is from their perspective.  These beings are “between lives” and in their guidance, may be attempting to influence you.  They are vibrationally reinforcing the ties and attachments they may have once had with you. If you choose to give your power to them, please remember that their advice is colored by their own issues perspective which have not healed or vanished just because they left physical form. If you have ever had someone channeled after death you have had the experience that their Soul still has the same personality or disposition.

Guides and guardians are often no further along than we are in their spiritual unfoldment.  They are not necessarily All Knowing. Just because they are no longer in physical form does not make them wise. You would do well to trust your inner guidance and test for resonance within your Self.

I must interject here that there are Angels, Illuminated Beings of Light, Archangels and other Beings that are available to us for guidance, but it must be noted that these Beings will not give us advice or show us the future. These Beings know that it is not in our best interest for them to interfere with our Free Will. They will not tell us what to do.  We arehere to learn two things: 1) to be only responsible for our own Self and 1) to be of Universal Service.  By giving away our power in seeking the guidance for our actions and choices to another, we are absconding our reign.


Our inner guidance is found in the deep recesses of our mind, not our brain, our mind. This guidance is not in the forms of directive words, but this guidance does transcend all limitations and is simply ours in the form of knowingness. We are here having a physical experience to arrange for our own Selves experiences in which we will learn to overcome.  Another reason we find ourselves in a myriad of circumstances incarnate is to learn to rely on our inner guidance.  Each of us has found that when we have relied on the advice and guidance of another we have experienced more confusion and and or more distrusting of our own Self.   It is during these times when we are standing in a mire of choices or at a crossroad, it is the time to go within.  It is a time to grace ourselves with all the possibilities that may lead us in the right direction for your Highest Good and then allow our inner Knowingness to be felt.


The clarity each of us seek when we are most challenged is attained in the realms that transcend the mind.  If there is a sense of urgency, we must scrutinize the cause of the urgency. If it is based on fear, it is not wise to make any choices or decisions.  Again, move into stillness and center.  It is imperative to remove our Self from the logical mind for the source of wisdom is not derived from logic.  The answers you need will be realized and made manifest when you trust that you hold the answers. All of the answers.


To seek the answers of another is an action of dependency and desperation. When we truly understand and accept that there is no such thing as a bad choice or a wrong decision and that no matter what happens, the choice or decision we have made is indeed in our best interest, then we will truly understand that all of these exercises ARE the answer. Meaning, the “answers”  are not the answer. It is the Source of that answer that is being sought. We did not incarnate to live for the approval or direction of our family, friends and ancestors.  We incarnated in hopes to find the presence of Source within our own Self.


There are many more moments in which each of us will have the opportunity to practice finding the answers to our questions from within our Self’s.  The most exciting and fascinating aspect of this entire process is to discover that we do not need to Seek anything, including our Creator.  In every moment we discover that it is a moment of testing and we find ourselves wishing for direction is an opportunity to transcend the illusions of the prison of separation.  We each have come a long way to this very point of discovering what we wish to be or what we wish to know lies within. This is the very moment, the very point of time each of us may choose Faith and Trust that all we need to know is just a breath within.



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