Crystals and Gems: Enhancing or Absconding Your Powers

I love crystals, gems and stones.  They are delightful to behold and for me I feel much like the babe who sees the old time colorful Christmas lights for the first time. Shiny objects attract raccoons and I must confess, they attract me.  Seeing shiny objects, especially crystals is like taunting, “Look! Squirrel!” to a dog that loves to chase squirrels. Put a glistening crystal in my path or peripheral vision and you are going to lose my attention. Sooner or later, I am going to chase the squirrel.

    Jewelry stores attract me like bears to honey. I float into the shop and gaze into the lighted cases and find myself smiling away. No, I do not have a need to buy a token or a prized possession; I am just happy being in the company of colorful treasures that twinkle like ice in the sunlight in a magical winter wonderland. I do not feel pulled to hold anything, but I do have a desire to touch the array of gems that is much worse than that of a three year old in a toy store. Crystals, diamonds, and minerals all beckon me to be home among them, but once our visit is finished I am happy to bid adieu and know that I am welcome to come back home anytime.

  Most children are attracted to the earth, to rocks, flowers and anything that glistens and shines.  It is quite amusing to stand in a crystal or rock shop and watch children of all ages walk into the shop and be pulled to a specific area or gem.  The relationship we have with the earth and her treasures is innate and real.  My earliest memories of the earth is looking up in awe of  blue skies, fluffy clouds and feeling familiar in the smell of wet earth; I was two years old, my memories of these are clear.

When I was three I would pick up rocks out of the parking lot next door or off the street.  There was a lot of quartz in the broken rock and I marveled at the different colors and wondered why anyone would drive on beautiful rocks. It never occurred to me to put one in my pocket to take it home or protect it. Children today have this same sense of respect. Back then, I would just hold the piece of rock, observe it, and then put the rock back where I found it. Today, I still observe this ritual when borrowing rocks and stones for use.  I do not own any crystals, gems or stones, but I have become a caretaker to many.

   By the way, do we really “own” crystals or rocks?  Come to think of it, do we really “own” a pet or a plant?  When I think of buying a dog, my stomach becomes knotted up and hurts, yet if I think I would like to become a caretaker of a dog, I feel butterflies swirling around my tummy.  Native American tradition offers  we do not “own” land, but instead we use or borrow the living Mother and we should give Thanks for the give away when we eat an animal or plant.  When we were children adults told us God lives everywhere and is in everything and this resonates with me. If Source is in all things, then all things have consciousness.  Crystals grow, therefore they are living things. How could I “own” one?

The real purpose of this blog is not about living things or owning them, but the use of crystals and other treasures of our Mother Gaia which compel people have them in their possession for use or collecting.  We all appreciate the metaphysical properties– the gifts crystals, gems, minerals and metals  have to offer. For example, my husband had a necklace made for me by Allyson Rice. Allyson used the properties of the stones as well as geometric shapes in the gold chain. She used Citrine for clarity, manifestation, forward progress, strong will and powerful growth. It carries the energy of fire, helping one to active their own “fire in the belly,” helping one with clarity of intentions, action and manifestation capabilities. The gold was deep, rich with warm energy of the sun.  Allyson wrote, “Everything about this necklace feels like suspended sunlight…. a reminder that to carry LIght so fully and shine it in the world, you have to be open to receive it as well.”   I wore this necklace often in teaching difficult classes and I saw its properties affect others around meI did not rely on the gifts or metaphysical properties to do their work, but I did hold great gratitude for that which was given and received. It was and still is imperative to always maintain a state of being present and completely aware of everything and everyone which enables me to be proactive and reactive in a manner that is respectful, effective, efficient and even healing.

     Many of us use crystals, gems and stones as partners or tools in healing and in life. It is not uncommon to have them on our desk or in our pockets knowing they offer a service to us. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to depend upon the crystal or stone and abscond all responsibility to it. For example, someone desires help with their health and he or she chooses to  employ Rutilated Quartz which can activate nerves, boost the immune system and bring restoration to mental health as well as reduce signs of aging among many attributes. Yet, this man or woman does not take the steps to eat a balanced, healthy diet. He or she may smoke and drink excessively and choose to stay in an unhealthy relationship.  This man or woman is expecting the Rutilated Quartz to do the work as he or she relinquishes all responsibility and expects this magic to happen. The magic does happen, but one has to take the steps to help the process instead of hindering it. One has to be actively responsible for Self. Crystals and stones are conscious beings and just like the Angelic Realm, if your actions and thoughts do not align with your desires, you will not be assisted.  I suppose our actions in do speak louder than words.

It is truly a Blessing to be helped by forces unseen by us.  Kings sought out the crystal, gems and minerals for their powers and properties. They adorned their crowns, robes, sword grips and pommels with specific gems and minerals.  Kings believed these would enhance their personal powers and abilities, but the kings did not place the crown upon their heads and expect their lives and kingdoms to magically become CamelotKings held great trust in themselves as well as their world and did everything in their own power to make it happen.  We, too, must learn to embody the use of our worldly treasures while holding great Faith in ourselves as in our Creator as we take every step that we can to create the outcome we wish to experience.

   It is absolutely delightful that the Western World is opening up to subtle energy and unseen forces. Yet, it is a concern that many of us still search for the “pill” to make it all go away without becoming fully involved with our own progress and growth. As we learn to step out of our comfort zones in our daily lives and experiences, we can trust that the Universe is with us, assisting us, but All That is will not replace our Free Will. Assistance does not mean the Universe replaces our actions as we remain inactive. We must  take action beginning in our hearts and mindfully follow through. We must be active participants in that which we seek to be and to have.

By the way, the month of March is the best month to purchase jewelry. In acquiring new beloveds, always allow the stone to call to you. Be aware of the first one you see– the one you really see and delight in. Hold the stone and send it love. Ask the piece if it would like to be with you and notice any changes in your physical sensations.  Our Higher Self and Soul knows what we need. Trust your Self and your Soul as much as you trust the crystals, gems and stones.


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