Synchronicity, The More You Look The More It Happens

Yesterday was so wild!  It is not often that an unknown person walks in your home and begins talking about your life as if he or she had been reading your diary.  The lively woman had barely stepped through the threshold when she cheerfully shared that she was delighted that I was a coach and our personal lives were so very similar. Her eyes were smiling as she declined a tea and indicated that she wanted to see the bedroom set for sale that was the purpose of her visit.

The details behind the reason of needing bedroom furniture was all too familiar, but I was stunned to hear the details unfold as if she was sharing my specific life story.  One would think that she researched my life, but those details are not public and I know very few people in this community. I led the woman through the door of the bedroom and opened invisible drawers for privacy and continued on showing her the exceptional condition of the finish and drawers. The woman smiled broadly, “This is synchronicity. I love this set. I tore a photo of this bedroom set out of a catalogue and told the Universe that I wanted it. Have you heard of Abraham Hicks?”

“I have. It is sychronistic. We were not planning to sell this bedroom set. We decided to follow the idea that just came out of the blue and posted it. There are two other women who expressed interest after I posted the set for sale. You were the first to come over.”

I wanted her to feel secure with her deposit so I asked her to come downstairs so that I could write a detailed receipt.  The woman’s exhuberance was refreshing and I was happy to meet a new friend who shared similar gifts and experiences. What makes this new friendship and the sale of the bed more synchronistic is that I had just decided to make more things happen by being more mindful in noticing synchronicity.

I had been reading the Synchronicity Key by David Wilcox and in a lark at the library fell upon the book The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, Your Guide to Finding Meaning in Signs Big and Small by Trish and Rob MacGregor on Sunday. I had not yet read it and know a bit about synchronicity, but I believe I can always learn more and I love to see through the eyes of others. Now, I had to re-evaluate how I see and think through my day.

I like to plan my day and my life. Or at least I used to do it far more in detail.  The problem in living life the way I used to is that it made it tough to be open to synchronicity and manifesting and miracles. I have learned that if I do not tell the Universe  how to bring me what I desire, what I pine for comes much faster. Now, I see that there must be room for synchronicity.

On Friday, it just popped into my mind to sell two beds. I wasn’t sure why, I like them both. It was just a strong pull to a clear idea. That is how synchronicity works.  You get a feeling to do something. Synchronicity works in many ways, like seeing someone in three different stores or perhaps you considered selling your house and a realtor called you out of the blue that day asking you if you want to sell and at the same time you are pulling out a realtors postcard out of your mailbox.

Synchronicity works like miracles, the more you look for them, the more they happen. I am still reeling over the incredible details of this new friendship and the sale of the bedroom set that she really wanted and asked the Universe for.  It is really awesome to be on the end of both giving and receiving.  Life is Grand! Absolutely Grand!


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