Dropping the New Year Resolutions and Winning

There is absolutely no reason to fret over your New Year resolutions.  It isn’t just the idea that if you fall down you can get up again. It is a matter of how you see resolutions and when and why you make them.

I have always seen a direct correlation between the way I brought in the New Year and with whom and the event of the rest of the year.  I suppose that is why kissing someone Happy New Year is so vital to many, they want to be sure their year is full of love.  This year there was a deep need to be in our home with close friends and or family.  It was necessary to be sure that I invited those who may not have plans of their liking.  It didn’t matter how many came on New Year’s Eve to play board games and partake of wine, cheese and fruit, it mattered that we made the effort to extend the welcome.  The evening was relaxed, intimate, fun and warm.  We felt blessed with abundance of love and prosperity.  If our year is going to be like New Year’s Eve, it is going to be the best ever.

The resolutions to be better at this or more mindful of that become an overwhelming project when they are all dumped on the table at once.  I don’t think I have ever made a resolution for the New Year.  As a child I was painfully aware of the feelings of others and my actions.  In the night under the cover of darkness and blankets I would reflect on my day, what I saw, what I said, how well I had done in school, sports, social situations and at home. I know a few times I pulled the pillow over my head and hoped it would hide my perceived crimes from others.  I would vow to do it differently next time. In my mind I would see how it would look and feel and I would set the intention that I would be successful the next time.  If inadvertently I hurt the feelings of another or even perceived I had, I would beeline the next day to the victim of my transgressions and apologize.  Quite often the victim never saw it as I did, but they were always happy for my concern for their feelings.

I added my classroom practices, my interactions with students and my children to the nightly reflections.  Eventually,  it became necessary to reflect upon my students and classroom at the end of the school day and from there evolved to the end of each class in the upper grades.  It was not a chore to do this or a loss of time. I had discovered that this saved time and pain.  More importantly, it saved myself from becoming a person I did not want to be.

Over the years my daily resolutions have fined tuned themselves to a more proactive approach.   Reflection still is important, but there is a freedom and a beautiful outcome that comes when we temper the daily life by seeing every event, person or thing from a place of Unconditional Love as well as living the Golden Rule.  This is why we are here.  We are here to be responsible for our Self and only our Self, living it in Unconditional Love and Service.  It doesn’t mean we do not use discernment or keep our boundaries.  It means that the “bad” things are quickly bathed in a perspective that allows us to see it as Spirit does. Then, we can choose our reaction or action.  Life is a series of reactions to reactions to reactions. In our daily resolutions we remain true to our Self and in this we live in balance and harmony and living in total balance and harmony brings miracles.  The more miracles you notice, the more miracles you will receive.

Everyone is inherintly a good person. Getting back to good health or a place you wish to be does not need to be overwhelming or difficult.  Having a moment when you forget your resolution or lose your resolve does not mean you quit on yourself.  It is much easier to stay in the game when it is one bite at a time, one day at a time.  It just begins with you, one moment at a time.

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