Miracles Are Yours- Now and Often

Magazine articles, movies and stories of miracles seem to dominate the season each Christmas. We read of miracles in the Bible and we think of these awing events as something that happens in Biblical times or only to others.This stories gives up hope and brings us joy. What makes a miracle happen and what does love have to do with it? (HaHa, Tina Turner, you are singing in my head.)  Do prayers help and how do we pray?  There are no rules to praying and there is not a limit to what is available to you. Some prayers work out the way we want them to and other times, they work out the way we need them to.

To make a prayer more powerful, it is believed that the prayer should be said, it should be vocal. Perhaps the question in my mind is if the prayer is written is it as powerful as vocal? Voice gives it vibration and creation and life is vibration. We are vibration. I cannot help but think of how dancing makes me feel. The more I sing and dance, the more alive I feel. Vibration is jumped started with every extreme emotion. After crying I feel cleared and more alive.

Scientists have found that when the number of people praying number at least the square root of one percent of the population that is being prayed for, the praying can move mountains. On the day of 9/11,  the measurements done on the earth painted a remarkably different picture than any other day. The world was praying and the energies being measured showed this peace and the crime rate all over the well fell to almost non-existent. Mass prayer is phenomenal.  What if the prayer was written and many people read it, would it be just as powerful as the prayers said by several people at one time?

Another dimension to the effectiveness of prayer is to pray from the heart. It is understood by many that you can manifest your desires by thought as discussed in the book, “The Secret“, which is powerful, but logic and reason male and male is duality. In duality, if your joy from your answered prayer is 70%, then you can expect an opposite of 70% which can come in the form of grief, sadness, frustration or anger.  Praying from the heart is female. Female or the feminine creates. Creating from the heart is in Unity, but not in duality. Therefore, your answered prayers are pure joy.

Staying mindful and focused on our thoughts in each and every moment is difficult at first. You see I wrote, “at first”.  Like all of our abilities and thinking skills, we need to practice the skill.  No doubt it will be even more frustrating for anyone who sits in front of a television for hours. Television is broadcast in a manner that only requires focus for two to three minutes at a time. Even worse for our children, television shows are written in the speaking vocabulary of second graders and most newspapers are written on the  fifth grade level. We are programmed in our media to be receptors, not thinkers or creators. To be mindful will require that we use our own minds and be aware and present always. It is not hard, just different.  Being mindful is a form of prayer to me. Thoughts create, the Universe responds to our thoughts. Therefore, to me, each thought is a mini-prayer beginning creation of joy in my life .I should write that this is my experience.

What if I wrote my fantasy and it was read by all of you? Would your mind and heart manifest it into reality?  The part of me that loves science is challenged to experiment. Or maybe it is a part of me that knows this is true and wants validation and an energy boost. It doesn’t matter which it is, what matters is manifesting a miracle out of love and intention. What do you get out of it besides the intrinsic reward and joy of giving?  The validation and confidence of creating your own miracles. .

My thoughts are prayer this morning were immediate and full of fantasy, so to speak. It is healthy and powerful to fantasize about the love and joy and the  world you want to live in and have. So, I fantasize and see in my mind’s eye, our children remembering the unconditional love we have always had for them. They look at pictures and realize that my husband and I were always the photographer, the one behind the lens and therefore not in the photographs of those precious moments.  The dream continues that they begin to remember us taking them to church and nurturing their spiritual life, taking the names of children off Christmas trees to provide gifts for and they remember the hours I sat alone at their recitals, concerts, games and tournaments. There were school birthday parties for their classes and slumber parties. Homework without tears and driving back around the block to give money to the homeless.  The realization that hearsay doesn’t jive with the Truth as they have experienced it will be felt throughout their entire beings. True Peace overcomes them and a strength forgotten surfaces. Without thought or need to understand, without communicating with each other, all of the children pack their bags in their respective homes and make their way to our door knowing that our love is here, unconditional and waiting for them just as God waits for us to return Home.

They all descend upon the house on Christmas with an exuberant hugs and kisses and tears of joy. Holiday lights seem brighter and more vibrant, the home warmer and full of life. There is nothing to be said, nothing to be heard. Love is an energy that is felt and lived. Love dis-spells all myths, fear, and confusion. There is nothing to forgive.

Laughter rings out late into the night. Time does not exist and the time lost is now erased. I steal away from the festivities and slip into my sacred space. I fall to my knees in front of my altar. Silent tears of gratitude and joy run down my cheeks. I say a prayer of thanks for you and the miracle you have created.

Miracles are not just for holidays and Biblical times. They are not for others, they are for all of us including and especially you.  The more miracles are noticed, the more they occur. You havie read this and maybe for a moment or two, you felt love and compassion in your heart; in  this you have created a miracle in my life. I cannot find words that express my gratitude for you and to you, but Thank you.

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