I Have Wasted Too Much Time Doing Nothing

There are moments when the realization that I have only so many moments to live grips me so tightly I feel my chest restricting.  I have no idea as to how long I will live or if I will be able to live my life fully or if I will be diminished by disease or injury.  The pressure is not only to live each minute by active choice, there is an urgency to this realization that time is of the essence and every minute should be one lived in unconditional love for all life.  By all life I also mean the ones most humans would rather they die or disappear.

It is easy to come home from work and feel the need to decompress and store energy.  What I have come to observe is how we decompress and charge our energy is more important than how long or why.  Tuning into an episode of Reign or checking e-mail and other messages are physically and mentally depleting. I do not really know why, I just know that once I engage in a passive activity, all of my energies are zapped.  My energies include my physical energy, my emotional, my spiritual and my Energy body.  I come to a state of, “It doesn’t matter” or “I don’t care”.  Sad, but true.

Passive activity is not the only energy zapper that prevents me from living my life to the fullest, foods can literally leave me lethargic.   I must set my intentions to snack or eat only organic, fresh foods as to do otherwise leaves me as zapped more so than the passive activities.  Restaurant food is almost always processed and or packaged and full of refined sugar and wheat leaving me incredibly lethargic and lazy, I feel a guilty for I know that I had a choice and I allowed my Outer Self to rule as opposed to allowing my Inner Self to rule. The Inner Self is the only one that matters.

It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts. ~ Adlai Stevenson

There is absolutely no way I can be of service to myself, my family or the anyone or anything if I am not caring for my energetic body as well as my physical host to my Spirit.  Wow, it is a powerful revelation to realize our energetic body is not on automatic pilot, but should be cared for, fed and nurtured by our life choices.  It seemed far easier to do when I was young and the most difficult years of self care seem to be of late. Yet, why that is so needs exploring. Right now, I am not concerning myself with why, but what am I going to do about this urgency to not live in the past or future or live a life by existing.

To sit and exist scares the hell out of me.  It  renders me to a state of grieving and guilt.  There is a part of me that is very aware that I am here in service to the Infinite Creator.  It moves me to joyful tears and in moments I feel as if I have failed as a human I cry tears of sadness for I disappoint myself.  I forgive myself, but I cannot use forgiveness as an act to excuse me from further separation. We are all part of All That Is and each time I do not respect my Self, I am not respecting any other life. To honor myself is to honor my Ancestors, blood and otherwise. To honor my body, soul, mind and spirit is to honor all life in the Universe for it is from where we all originate.

We begin life wishing to experience life.  “Let there Be Light.”  And so it is. We choose to come to Earth to learn and be an experience of the Infinite Creator. To learn is to move up higher in frequency to the Infinite.  To live each moment in life is an opportunity to choose to live for All Life in Service in unconditional love.  Those most deem “bad” or “evil” are those very souls who need our unconditional love and our Blessings. We are All One, therefore to love and bless those less aware or those still living in a lower frequency are us as well.  “I am That…. I AM.”   I am that person, I am that object.  I am that lover, that sinner, that great person, that person who needs direction.  I am That…. I AM.”

Life is without meaning.
You bring the meaning to it.
The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be.
Being alive is the meaning.
– Joseph Campbell


To make the best of every moment does not have to be momentous.  To rise and give thanks is a beginning.  If something hits a nerve, allow the time to understand and learn of its roots, its cause as opposed to reacting in a manner that is less than unconditional love. To sit outside with one’s morning ritualistic drink communing with Nature is a start.  On the walk from the car to the front door of work or an appointment pick up trash.  I can make it a point to not only smile at the receptionist, but be sure to look more deeply in her or his eyes. I will keep the television or computer off and take longer walks, and perhaps, begin to learn a new language or sit in silence to hear the part of me that is waiting for me.  The point is to begin to allow the part of me that resides in my heart to choose activity as opposed to the depleting and destructive energies of television, computers and others who have an opinion of how I should serve or live and of course, temper the news.

This above all, to thine own self be true.
– William Shakespeare

I and only I,  am responsible for the choices I make, how I react to life in every moment and how I live every moment.  Each breath I breathe is a gift of life. How I direct that breath, in what direction I send that breath is in every thought I make.  I do not want the last breath that I take looking back at the many, many moments in my life that was wasted either by being useless or making a choice that did not benefit life in some form.  I must choose and intend to be aware of every thought, every action, whether it is passive or not.  I am a child of the Creator. I am One with the Creator and with everyone who reads this blog. I intend to allow my Inner Self to live as opposed to my Outer Self, the one that is of the 3rd dimension, the Ego. I cannot blame food or the television or computer. It is up to me, Anita, to begin to live in harmony with the Inner Self, Shek-in-ah (my Spirit name), and make conscious choices to live as One with All for I desire to feel the part of me that is One with All, loving and serving with humility and grace.

Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.
– Helen Keller

I realize I have spent many years trying to live my life as I thought others expected me to just to have the rug pulled out from under me.  This pattern of re-direction offers me the guidance that whom I serve is greater than the me everyone sees.  I am often reminded that I AM only responsible for me, my life and whom and how I choose to serve.  Without wasting any more precious breaths, I now make the intention to love myself and all life unconditionally, live my life being responsible to only me (with respect to others and all life) and to live a life of service.  There will be many changes for me, but I hold great Faith that I am supported and loved by those Seen and Unseen.  Every breath is a gift of God and in my humble gratitude, I return this gift by conscientiously living every moment.




Be the One; Manifesting Peace Begins Within


The events today and over the past few years are necessary in the sense that we cannot change what we cannot admit. To bring these human adversities to Light does just that, it brings them to THE LIGHT that they may be recognized, accepted, changed, healed and transformed into Love.  How we choose to participate in these events defines each of us- singularly. Choosing not to participate in any form or fashion also exposes who we are- or not.  It is imperative to understand that those who use the tools of destruction such as guns, bombs, and knives are void of something within. The acts of violence are not carried out by healthy, well-balanced humans who have a Spiritual core of any kind.  These humans seem to be searching for something that exists beyond their selves, out into a world that they do not know they can create and manifest. Even more important, they are worthy to have all that they desire, but due to this void, feeling worthy is not a consideration.  All of us, whether we are teachers, clergy, parents, friends, relatives, federal workers, servicemen and women, service professionals, home makers and any other label one wishes to wear have the ability and the responsibility to notice and offer what we can.  To resist is to ensure the longevity of the issue.  The more we resist, the more painful it is.  It is not our responsibility to take ownership another, but it is our responsibility to own our thoughts, actions and words.


“I have yet to see a horrenDSCN2449dous act of violence by a human being who had a Spiritual Core or Faith.”  – Anita Kuhn Carria



We are all a part of the historical movements that are taking place.  The violence in the streets as well as the violence perpetuated through media posts such as Facebook and Twitter reap emotional reactions which in turn give birth to others reacting to those reactions. Reacting to those reactions and reacting to those reactions.  The political scene is a cartoon playing itself out and the masses wonder how this all can happen.   I can heacanstockphoto11719624r it, “Not me! Not me!”  “I had nothing to do with it.” This volatile atmosphere is perpetuating a dread so deep that it is easier to turn our heads or ignore it and hope it goes away. Perhaps, this is how Germans fell into the chains of Hitler.  Chaos can lead to peace and for sure, all pain leads to learning in hindsight.  The question is, “Do we complain about the events taking place and hope that someone does something or do we use our words, our hearts and meet up with like-minded individuals and allow our pure hearts with the goodness for all of humanity to move us and inspire us to beget a new beginning?”   I can hear the resistance to this, everything from, “It won’t work,” to “It isn’t going to do any good,” and Sounds good to me, but it will be useless because BTXEY isn’t going to change.”   It is a relief knowing those who defended the colonies in the Revolutionary War or those who helped with the Underground Railroad not to mention those who marched and voted for equal rights didn’t feel or think this way.


Benjamin Franklin put his own son in prison for years because he was a Loyalist.  Many of our forefathers who signed the Declaration of Independence and or fought for our freedom not only lost their fortunes and homes, they were outcast by many in society and forgotten.  Despite all of the lives that have been needlessly lost in wars that we may live in a land of freedom and we abuse these freedoms to abuse others.  Yes, there are bad police officers and yes, there are some officers that are not well trained, but that does not make all officers wrong. Yes, there are areas in our country that need healed and need to change for the good of all, but there is no need to incite hate to address the situation.  It is disheartening when Leaders of our Nation publicly model judgmental actions condemning alleged perpetrators before they are tried and convicted, peppering language with labels and emotional commentaries. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming, our Leaders should be exemplary in behavior, word and deed and mostly for being only concerned with how he or she is responsible for their own self only. Hate and negativity are contagious and repeated merely for the pleasure of the power it seems to yield over others. This morning there was a video on Facebook. It appeared to have been  recorded by a black teenage girl or a woman encouraging three young black children to beat up a much younger little girl who was white.  The female filming the children was laughing. To share the video clip, even to voice frustration and anger would be an act to perpetuate the climate of hate and divisiveness.  The media is full of all the wrongs and woes and yet, there is an absence of objectivity.  There often lacks the other side of the story, but the country and even the world will witness all of this unfortunate news being sensationalized invoking raw emotions and higher ratings.  The sad reality is most of us are unaware that we are pawns on a stage being used as the face in a news story. The mere fact that we as a nation succumb to making decisions out of raw emotions is quite truthfully the chains we create and wear upon ourselves.

canstockphoto4149725  Peace and healing starts with each of us individually.  We must monitor our own Self before we act upon anything of importance.  It is imperative to go within our own Self to check, “Is this an emotion or a feeling?”  An emotion is created when we bring in our own experiences, beliefs and understandings as we observe or experience a situation or information that is being shared.  Should the messenger be emotional or manipulative, our emotions will escalate in accordance to the degree of those of the messenger.  Feelings are pure, from within without interference or judgments.  The only advice I can offer is to practice observing the mind for the use of labels, for it is in labeling we begin the art of judgment.  What may appear to be a lazy person begging for money may well be a person who has a difficult time learning due to fetal alcohol syndrome or may suffer brain damage due to a traumatic accident.  First, consider that it could be You. Yes, You.  Each of us is made in the “Likeness of God” and if this true, then the Creator is in each of us. We all do not look alike, so it cannot be our physical bodies.  Besides, really? To believe the Divine Creator is a physical man that creates many worlds and that He thinks according to our logic is an antiquated and humorous postulation.  Back to the point.  We cannot live in peace and live a life of health, prosperity and joy that is our Divine Right if we live in a place of judgment or allow ourselves to exist in a state of emotions less than the Love of Spirit.  To LIVE -as opposed to exist- would be a choice to direct your thoughts and energy in an action that serves your highest good and in turn All That Is.

On 9-11, scientists who were recording waves off Earth found that the waves were almost non-existent.  There was virtually no crime rate for the six to nine hours after the terrorist attacks.  This phenomenon was due to prayer from the Hearts of many over of the planet.  In prayer, in meditation of the Heart, it only requires the square root of one percent of the affected population to bring into life a desired outcome.  Science has proven our Hearts are powerful Energy centers, more powerful than any other part of the body.  Spiritually and physically, when we go into our Heart center and focus in a place of Love, we can profoundly manifest and create.  All that is required to change your Self and or your World is that you believe and that you are in a place of Love. To doubt or to “hope” it will work would be to be in a place of not having Faith.  Doubt and Faith cannot co-exist, both are absolute. It is either/or, not both. At this very moment, feel your Heart and notice what it wishes to experience and allow your imagination to become your friend.  You can have what you want, including a world you desire for your children and grand-children and it begins with you and it begins this very moment.


It Doesn’t Feel Right- Listening to Messages From Your Soul

If you lived to be seventy years old and were paid one dollar for each year you lived, including leap years, you would earn approximately $25,830.00   The value of our days cannot be in money, but in how wisely we spent our days. The question is, “How do you live each day to the fullest?”  I may not have the exact answer to the question, but I have come to an understanding about is not living each moment or day to the fullest.  My heart and soul loves to sing, not melodically, but sing with joy and pleasure.  Sometimes, in order for my heart and soul to sing, I immerse myself in Faith and walk out on a long, dangerous limb and begin pruning away all that does not support my Highest Good from my Tree of Life, from my Universe. IMG_3578 This does not take courage or wisdom, it only requires that I listen to my feelings, I listen to my soul.  Our souls communicate with us often, we need to be reminded of  the signs and the language.

The language is one we speak already. For example, I thought I wanted a teaching job, but while considering the application I noticed my chest and stomach muscles tightened. I decided to test this feeling and I visualized myself teaching in that particular space and place and the tightness worsened.  Years ago, my daughter and I shared the same experience of listening to our soul. My friend’s daughter joined us at the restaurant table and as she took her seat she gave an excuse as to why she was late; I felt as if my body was in total arrest, the words didn’t feel right, but I stayed silent and listened. After lunch, my teenage daughter confided she didn’t feel right about the excuse for being late offered by her friend. Sometimes, we can feel uncomfortable with what is not said or done as what had occurred with my late sister.  I still feel absolutely ashamed that I did not answer my sister’s calls; each time the telephone rang, I dreaded answering it and I believed I did not have the energy to answer it.  In hindsight, I now realize that I could not speak to her for to hear her truth would have forced me to see I shared the same truth of horror. Yes, something was not right, it didn’t feel right for her or for me.

Our souls try to communicate with us many times with good feelings as well as feelings of discomfort.  This uncomfortable feeling is not relegated to only people, but happens with issues, situations and homes as well.  You may avoid an area of your home because a hole in the wall needs fixed or the wall needs cleaned or painted. You may stay inside the house because your yard needs mowed, the garden has been neglected or the door needs some TLC. We avoid confronting the child who sleeps at inappropriate hours or is behaving out of character,  yet, we know something doesn’t feel right.  Perhaps, there is a relationship you are in that needs ended, but you find reasons for all of the discomfort and sadness to avoid the fact that the relationship does not feel right.

In reality, not doing anything about whatever it is that does not feel right steals your energy like a vacuum.  Those nagging people in our lives and the squeaky wheel gets all of our attention in our minds and sometimes they evoke emotions of anger, sadness, frustration and resentment. These responses  and any other responses that are less than love feeds our energy to the elephant, the problem in the room or the issue, depleting our energies. Quite often in order to attempt to avoid experiencing displeasure, we do not make any attempt to correct, address, repair, question or scrutinize the elephant in the room and the choice to ignore the issue, the elephant in the room that “doesn’t feel right” spawns a feeling doom that seems to grow over time.

Suppressing feelings of discomfort is unhealthy for us.  Even the discomfort from our physical environment such as a closet that needs emptied or a kitchen that is overwhelmingly unorganized and packed can affect our emotional, physical and spiritual health.  We are energetic beings and these feelings and thoughts that we have swept under the rug become blockages in our bodies, blocking our systems fromacupuncture healing and repairing.  Acupuncturists use the meridians which are paths of energy that run though-out our physical body to keep us in excellent health and emotional wellness.  There have been times when the practitioner could not find the meridians on the client.  As an Integrated Energy Therapist, I remove these blockages and restore the connection in the meridians restoring the flow of energy.   Blockages come from our energy field outside of our bodies and move into our physical bodies. These blockages are dis-ease.  The blockages are from not being at ease;  “dis” means “not”.  “Dis- Ease” — “Not at Ease”.  It is important to acknowledge when we are not at ease in order to prevent illness.

It really isn’t important to know it is bad Feng Shui to have a mirror face out the window, but it is wise to be aware of  a room that does not feel right.  If a room does not feel right, move things around the room, with each piece moved it may be that  another one may need to be moved. The items that make up your space are like stars in a constellation, each piece plays energetically upon another including the art work and mirrors.  Moving your constellation in your sacred space, your universe must feel right.  Allow yourself to feel it out.  It isn’t in your head, you can’t see it (though there are a few that can), you must relax and allow yourself to feel with the center of your body. Move a piece or two then sit and feel, look around and feel each item.  Unfortunately, it is not as easy to move people around in your life, but the people in your life have a huge impact on your energy and health as well.

If  you have children, you may want to model a healthy way of life that is effective, efficient, respectful and healthy.   Looking back in our personal life at all the difficulties and pain we have endured, we can rejoice that we lived through them.  Not only did we survive, we learned from them and most often thrived.  There is no possible way anyone can thrive in any situation, relationship or space that does not support them.  If nothing you can do in these situations or relationships has changed it to “feel right” it never will.

It is wonderful and rewarding to give to others, but we buy this myth that it is a sign of weakness or it is an inconvenience if we personally ask for support or help, yet when others ask us for our assistance, we jump at the chance and never consider them weak or incompetent for asking.  Seeking out others is a sign of courage and faith.  Perhaps, a way to empower us to ask others to assist us is to see our request as a gift to them – a chance to be of help and to give to another human being. saving baby birdTry to see that we live in a symbiotic relationship with all life, including those we love and those we may not like.  We are not separate from the world around us, we are a part of our homes and they are part of us as it is so with the land, the sky, sun, moon and all of nature.  The fibers that make up your material world come from our Earth, they come from nature and they are chemically bonded together for your use just as your body is formed from the elements of our planet, chemically bonded for your use to have a physical experience.  Cherish the gifts of all living and non-living and as you do discover the changes around you and to you.

It is important to utilize personal space to make life as it is to be.  Those in your life are a part of your universe and each player must dance with you in a dance that serves both of you. You and only you are responsible for you- your SELF.   If it feels right, your Soul is letting you know you are in harmony, if there is discomfort, your Soul is communicating with you the cause of the discomfort is not in your Highest Good.  If something moves you and feels right, it is. Faith means nothing has to make sense.  If it feels right, do it; if it doesn’t feel right, don’t. The moments in life are fleeting, make them yours and make them the best.

Crystals and Gems: Enhancing or Absconding Your Powers

I love crystals, gems and stones.  They are delightful to behold and for me I feel much like the babe who sees the old time colorful Christmas lights for the first time. Shiny objects attract raccoons and I must confess, they attract me.  Seeing shiny objects, especially crystals is like taunting, “Look! Squirrel!” to a dog that loves to chase squirrels. Put a glistening crystal in my path or peripheral vision and you are going to lose my attention. Sooner or later, I am going to chase the squirrel.

    Jewelry stores attract me like bears to honey. I float into the shop and gaze into the lighted cases and find myself smiling away. No, I do not have a need to buy a token or a prized possession; I am just happy being in the company of colorful treasures that twinkle like ice in the sunlight in a magical winter wonderland. I do not feel pulled to hold anything, but I do have a desire to touch the array of gems that is much worse than that of a three year old in a toy store. Crystals, diamonds, and minerals all beckon me to be home among them, but once our visit is finished I am happy to bid adieu and know that I am welcome to come back home anytime.

  Most children are attracted to the earth, to rocks, flowers and anything that glistens and shines.  It is quite amusing to stand in a crystal or rock shop and watch children of all ages walk into the shop and be pulled to a specific area or gem.  The relationship we have with the earth and her treasures is innate and real.  My earliest memories of the earth is looking up in awe of  blue skies, fluffy clouds and feeling familiar in the smell of wet earth; I was two years old, my memories of these are clear.

When I was three I would pick up rocks out of the parking lot next door or off the street.  There was a lot of quartz in the broken rock and I marveled at the different colors and wondered why anyone would drive on beautiful rocks. It never occurred to me to put one in my pocket to take it home or protect it. Children today have this same sense of respect. Back then, I would just hold the piece of rock, observe it, and then put the rock back where I found it. Today, I still observe this ritual when borrowing rocks and stones for use.  I do not own any crystals, gems or stones, but I have become a caretaker to many.

   By the way, do we really “own” crystals or rocks?  Come to think of it, do we really “own” a pet or a plant?  When I think of buying a dog, my stomach becomes knotted up and hurts, yet if I think I would like to become a caretaker of a dog, I feel butterflies swirling around my tummy.  Native American tradition offers  we do not “own” land, but instead we use or borrow the living Mother and we should give Thanks for the give away when we eat an animal or plant.  When we were children adults told us God lives everywhere and is in everything and this resonates with me. If Source is in all things, then all things have consciousness.  Crystals grow, therefore they are living things. How could I “own” one?

The real purpose of this blog is not about living things or owning them, but the use of crystals and other treasures of our Mother Gaia which compel people have them in their possession for use or collecting.  We all appreciate the metaphysical properties– the gifts crystals, gems, minerals and metals  have to offer. For example, my husband had a necklace made for me by Allyson Rice. Allyson used the properties of the stones as well as geometric shapes in the gold chain. She used Citrine for clarity, manifestation, forward progress, strong will and powerful growth. It carries the energy of fire, helping one to active their own “fire in the belly,” helping one with clarity of intentions, action and manifestation capabilities. The gold was deep, rich with warm energy of the sun.  Allyson wrote, “Everything about this necklace feels like suspended sunlight…. a reminder that to carry LIght so fully and shine it in the world, you have to be open to receive it as well.”   I wore this necklace often in teaching difficult classes and I saw its properties affect others around meI did not rely on the gifts or metaphysical properties to do their work, but I did hold great gratitude for that which was given and received. It was and still is imperative to always maintain a state of being present and completely aware of everything and everyone which enables me to be proactive and reactive in a manner that is respectful, effective, efficient and even healing.

     Many of us use crystals, gems and stones as partners or tools in healing and in life. It is not uncommon to have them on our desk or in our pockets knowing they offer a service to us. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to depend upon the crystal or stone and abscond all responsibility to it. For example, someone desires help with their health and he or she chooses to  employ Rutilated Quartz which can activate nerves, boost the immune system and bring restoration to mental health as well as reduce signs of aging among many attributes. Yet, this man or woman does not take the steps to eat a balanced, healthy diet. He or she may smoke and drink excessively and choose to stay in an unhealthy relationship.  This man or woman is expecting the Rutilated Quartz to do the work as he or she relinquishes all responsibility and expects this magic to happen. The magic does happen, but one has to take the steps to help the process instead of hindering it. One has to be actively responsible for Self. Crystals and stones are conscious beings and just like the Angelic Realm, if your actions and thoughts do not align with your desires, you will not be assisted.  I suppose our actions in do speak louder than words.

It is truly a Blessing to be helped by forces unseen by us.  Kings sought out the crystal, gems and minerals for their powers and properties. They adorned their crowns, robes, sword grips and pommels with specific gems and minerals.  Kings believed these would enhance their personal powers and abilities, but the kings did not place the crown upon their heads and expect their lives and kingdoms to magically become CamelotKings held great trust in themselves as well as their world and did everything in their own power to make it happen.  We, too, must learn to embody the use of our worldly treasures while holding great Faith in ourselves as in our Creator as we take every step that we can to create the outcome we wish to experience.

   It is absolutely delightful that the Western World is opening up to subtle energy and unseen forces. Yet, it is a concern that many of us still search for the “pill” to make it all go away without becoming fully involved with our own progress and growth. As we learn to step out of our comfort zones in our daily lives and experiences, we can trust that the Universe is with us, assisting us, but All That is will not replace our Free Will. Assistance does not mean the Universe replaces our actions as we remain inactive. We must  take action beginning in our hearts and mindfully follow through. We must be active participants in that which we seek to be and to have.

By the way, the month of March is the best month to purchase jewelry. In acquiring new beloveds, always allow the stone to call to you. Be aware of the first one you see– the one you really see and delight in. Hold the stone and send it love. Ask the piece if it would like to be with you and notice any changes in your physical sensations.  Our Higher Self and Soul knows what we need. Trust your Self and your Soul as much as you trust the crystals, gems and stones.


Sourcing Inner Guidance

     As we release our need to rely on the illusion of the limitations of linear reality, our intuition becomes more and more frequent and more consistent.  After much practice with testing and listening to our intuition, we begin to glimpse and grow to trust the true nature of what Is.If we have not learned to begin to trust our intuition by now, we will soon, for each of us has had plenty of experience of wishing we had listened to these messages known as gut feelings or intuition.

It is inevitable that we will each  learn to follow our own inner guidance, preferring it to the guidance being offered by other sources of information (people or beings).  For the very sense of separation that we seek to transcend is reinforced when we offer our power to another being who claims to have psychic powers- and they may well have these powers.  The information that may be provided us from any of these sources can only be validated by our inner knowingness.  The opportunity for each of us is to recognize that we have within us a remarkable barometer of what is and what is not. We can, and will learn to,  rely on this guidance and the information that lies within each of us.

Information that is offered by another can only be as good as that person’s filter of their own consciousness.  Yes, some are able to peek through the veils with varying degrees of accuracy and report what is sensed, heard or seen, but this vision of the other worlds is not wisdom. The Truth of another cannot be seen from another without bias or subjectivity. It cannot be accepted or perceived as wisdom.  There are are a rare number of us who have totally transcended the veils of illusion through their own personal journeys and I, personally, do not want to bet against the odds that the chosen psychic is precise and has totally transcended their own lessons and lifetimes in a moment of despair.

As I have told clients, there are so many possible outcomes available to them for any situation.  The guidance I may offer- or see- would be one of many of an infinite field of possibilities.  To offer one from my perceived perspective would alter their choices and at the same time, the client exercising their free will would, by definition, alter the “prophecy” and render it invalid. (On a side note, if you tell others of your intentions or what you are manifesting, it most likely will not happen.  Keep your plans close to your heart.)

There is always a message or meaning in all of our actions. If you or I went to another person for advice and asked them for guidance about the future, you or I would be making a statement, vibrationally, that the valid information you or I seek is not available to you or I personally. This is equal to doubting our own self and that in itself chokes the flow of our Inner Guidance or that which comes from Spirit/Source.

It has become popular to invoke the help of sources beyond our physical world for guidance  and information. It is imperative to understand the different levels of consciousness and the number of levels of perspective that parallel their level of transformation. If these guides had had physical form, it is necessary to understand the information you receive from them is from their perspective.  These beings are “between lives” and in their guidance, may be attempting to influence you.  They are vibrationally reinforcing the ties and attachments they may have once had with you. If you choose to give your power to them, please remember that their advice is colored by their own issues perspective which have not healed or vanished just because they left physical form. If you have ever had someone channeled after death you have had the experience that their Soul still has the same personality or disposition.

Guides and guardians are often no further along than we are in their spiritual unfoldment.  They are not necessarily All Knowing. Just because they are no longer in physical form does not make them wise. You would do well to trust your inner guidance and test for resonance within your Self.

I must interject here that there are Angels, Illuminated Beings of Light, Archangels and other Beings that are available to us for guidance, but it must be noted that these Beings will not give us advice or show us the future. These Beings know that it is not in our best interest for them to interfere with our Free Will. They will not tell us what to do.  We arehere to learn two things: 1) to be only responsible for our own Self and 1) to be of Universal Service.  By giving away our power in seeking the guidance for our actions and choices to another, we are absconding our reign.


Our inner guidance is found in the deep recesses of our mind, not our brain, our mind. This guidance is not in the forms of directive words, but this guidance does transcend all limitations and is simply ours in the form of knowingness. We are here having a physical experience to arrange for our own Selves experiences in which we will learn to overcome.  Another reason we find ourselves in a myriad of circumstances incarnate is to learn to rely on our inner guidance.  Each of us has found that when we have relied on the advice and guidance of another we have experienced more confusion and and or more distrusting of our own Self.   It is during these times when we are standing in a mire of choices or at a crossroad, it is the time to go within.  It is a time to grace ourselves with all the possibilities that may lead us in the right direction for your Highest Good and then allow our inner Knowingness to be felt.


The clarity each of us seek when we are most challenged is attained in the realms that transcend the mind.  If there is a sense of urgency, we must scrutinize the cause of the urgency. If it is based on fear, it is not wise to make any choices or decisions.  Again, move into stillness and center.  It is imperative to remove our Self from the logical mind for the source of wisdom is not derived from logic.  The answers you need will be realized and made manifest when you trust that you hold the answers. All of the answers.


To seek the answers of another is an action of dependency and desperation. When we truly understand and accept that there is no such thing as a bad choice or a wrong decision and that no matter what happens, the choice or decision we have made is indeed in our best interest, then we will truly understand that all of these exercises ARE the answer. Meaning, the “answers”  are not the answer. It is the Source of that answer that is being sought. We did not incarnate to live for the approval or direction of our family, friends and ancestors.  We incarnated in hopes to find the presence of Source within our own Self.


There are many more moments in which each of us will have the opportunity to practice finding the answers to our questions from within our Self’s.  The most exciting and fascinating aspect of this entire process is to discover that we do not need to Seek anything, including our Creator.  In every moment we discover that it is a moment of testing and we find ourselves wishing for direction is an opportunity to transcend the illusions of the prison of separation.  We each have come a long way to this very point of discovering what we wish to be or what we wish to know lies within. This is the very moment, the very point of time each of us may choose Faith and Trust that all we need to know is just a breath within.



Conscious Learning through Mirrors

Though I have a twin, I have always felt as if I were adopted.  I felt different.  As a toddler and as a child I observed my world as an outsider looking in. I had an adult perspective on life and quite often felt more mature than the adults I encountered. I felt awkward on the playground and just as ill-fit  at home. It was not acceptable to ask others if I could play with them, I considered it rude; one must be invited and welcomed into a circle. Perhaps, in some way I had an experience or developed a belief in the cradle. Perhaps, it was the way of my Soul.

It was late evening. A bedside lamp cast a soft yellow the other side of my parent’s bed. My mother was lying in the middle, my twin sister nestled with her right arm and I on her left, my mother;s left arm was free to move. If I looked up past my mother’s head on her right,  I could see the hall light shining brightly over the dark stair railing. The stillness of the home announced itself in this moment filling me with peace.  My mother’s belly was heavy with child making it difficult to see over her.  My mother was softly talking to my twin as she lovingly stroked her and face. I clearly remember thinking, “I wish she would talk to me the way she talks to her.” This would be the last thought I would ever choose to have concerning my perception of how each of us were treated as siblings. This was life and it was the way it was.

On Saturday mornings in the first grade, I would write letters to my father’s mother. Through the letters between my German grandmother and myself, I would feel an unspoken and unseen connection to another family in another world that accepted and loved me. My grandmother shared her family and reminded me of all the wonderful things about myself and encouraged me to do well.  As a first grader, I  read books on the fourth grade level in which I escaped my life momentarily living vicariously in the world of literature; once becoming the a young woman in a cave with a unicorn and once an orphan seeking a new family. I reveled in the freedom of changing my life in my minds eye. I loved the adventures taken from the safety of my own little corner, but the greatest gift of these treasured trips would be the ability to see from behind the eyes of another.

When other third graders were trying to force classmates and friends to choose a side during one of their battles, it escaped my abilities to figure out why everyone wanted to be a part of stupid fight where no one was right or wrong and everyone else wasn’t part of the disagreement.  Why would I want to hate someone who did not do something to me? Why would I be mad at the other child when I truly had no idea as to what really happened? I would often reflect upon my own actions, concerned that I may be guilty of some crime that might hurt someone in the same way. I remember in Jr. High being close to tears as I apologized to someone for possibly hurting their feelings inadvertently. This daily self-reflection continues today in all areas of my life. Did I react with mindfulness and compassion? Was I out of line? Were my words positive and clear? Could I have said it better?  Was I really the best I could be? How will I make it right?

We all have beliefs, opinions and emotional responses to people, events, actions and places based on our own personal experiences. We see out of our eyes from a platform built by what we heard, the events that we physically and emotionally felt, what we witnessed and what we experienced through our own actions. In every moment, we hear or see something new and the person we were a second ago has changed in some way.  We may be touched in a way that we realize that we are blessed or we may sink further into a belief that no one can be trusted. We may be able to forgive a transgression which enables us to heal and change.

There is another element in the Circle of LIfe. I refer to it as the Magical Mirror, the aspect of seeing our own behavior good and bad through those we encounter.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, reflect to me the gifts and faults I reflect to all.

To use our mirror, we just remain non-judgmental, especially about our Self. We must put our emotions aside, they are just energy in motion (e-motions).  Emotions are not feelings, emotions are energies we experience based on beliefs and experiences. We heal or do not heal based on our choice to see our experience from love or otherwise.

We may choose to forgive- or not.  We may choose to move on – or not. We may choose to feel anger and hold a grudge- or not. Despite our choices, we do not see. We become caught up in the emotions rendering us helpless to understand that we are not the only ones hurting. We see the story of one our side, but we fail to see that perhaps we may have been party to the problem.  “Mary” grew up with her childhood friend, “Elizabeth” well into their late forties. They raised hell, laughed hard, loved hard and shared secrets. One day, as a result of many conversations with a mutual friend of Mary and Elizabeth, Mary concluded Elizabeth used her as the brunt of jokes in front of other people, ridiculed her, demanded her to stop being emotional and Elizabeth talked about Mary as if she were not present. Mary found the courage and resolve to restore her dignity and take back her life.  Defining her new boundaries, Mary made the difficult, but necessary choice to love herself more than she loved Elizabeth.

With heavy sadness Mary parted ways with Elizabeth and moved on. Mary remains unaware of the silver lining in this act of self love. At that time, Mary could not and still does not see that Elizabeth was and is a mirror of her own behavior.  Mary, herself, behaves in the same manner toward those she loves in her close friendship and family circles.  She judges actions and motives, ridicules, shares secrets and divulges vulnerabilities. Mary prefers making many new friends over cultivating a more trusting and loving relationship with those who love her. She forgives friends and overlooks their faults, but is unable to do the same with family.  Choosing sides as she did in childhood in the effort to fit in still continues for Mary, but in a more subtle manner. She has changed, but being conscious and questioning the meaning of her daily interactions with others eludes her as it does for most of us.  Unfortunately, without the mindful considerations of her suffering by Elizabeth;s actions; the very same actions that she herself commits, Mary will suffer the same scenario again and again. .Like all of us who do not see ourselves in the mirror, Mary will continue to have friends that betray her trust in the very manner in which Elizabeth hurt her. As Mary learns more sophisticated and invisible acts of attaining power and protecting her image through harmful words and actions, her Soul will continue to remind her of what she is here to overcome and learn by arranging for new situations that mirror Mary in the faces of others. This is not to say that Mary’s most wonderful, compassionate and loving deeds will not be returned to her, they will, tenfold. The intention is to be mindful as to whether the source of our own frustration and pain is indeed our own Self’s actions being reflected through our Magical Mirror.

As you live, you shall receive isn’t just about karma, it is also about learning and rising above human nature.When we forget why we are here in physical form and what our Souls need to heal, we are reminded through our experiences and quite often than not, painfully so. It is imperative to acknowledge that when we are on the receiving end, we may be learning our own lesson or we may be in a mutual agreement to help each other rise above an experience .  Quite often, we become frustrated, angry or hurt at the person who is acting out the very behaviors we are most guilty of.  we cannot or in some cases, will not see ourselves in this magical mirror provided for us to overcome another obstacle for our Soul and Higher Self to rise in standing with our Creator.



This Time I Said, “I Love You”

So many people live days, weeks, months  or even years angry at someone, losing the precious time that could be spent creating joyous, loving memories. We misunderstand or ignore premonitions or gut feelings and when it is too late, we struggle to forgive ourselves. Sometimes, we learn from those painful lessons and we do it right the next time. The next time has arrived.

While in college, Dad and I created a special time for us before going to work and school.  Each morning, Dad would get up at 4 A.M. and begin the percolator and then sat at the end of the table in his Captains chair, lunch packed, and a cigarette in his fingers. His arms would be crossed across his chest, legs outstretched and his ankles would be crossed. On the mornings I had to open the store before classes, I would come out of the darkness into the kitchen and Dad would sit up, smiling and face me at the table, and  ask me about my life. Instead of giving advice, Dad had just the right way of asking questions and Immediately I would find the answers I didn’t know that I needed before I sat down.

One morning, I woke up unusually exhausted. For some reason I had been sleeping on the sofa for the last few nights.  I pushed myself off the sofa and slowly walked into the warm kitchen and slid into my seat and slouched back. Dad asked me what was wrong. I answered with confusion and honesty, “Nothing.”

“You can tell me anything. I am concerned about you. Why don’t you trust me?” he pleaded. His voice shook as he tried to hold back emotion.

I was dazed and confused and asked him why he asked. Dad had heard me crying in my sleep over the past few nights. He was lost for explanations.  Again, I could not remember the dreams and I certainly did had no idea as to why I would be crying. I promised that indeed  if I had a problem I would come to him immediately.

Not long after these foggy mornings, I found myself changing my routine and arrived home for school much earlier. It was an unusual day and as I stepped over the threshold  I noticed a sink full of dishes and the trail of chaos leading from the kitchen to the living room. Dad had never allowed the dishes to sit in the sink. He had four dishwashers and one of them was going to work if any of the other three were not home or busy. My morning felt emotionally heavy. I had snapped at Dad the night before and I didn’t know why. I was not angry with him and had never been angry at Dad. I dug in and began with washing. Lost in the absence of thought, a place of no where, I was returned by a knocking at the kitchen door. Startled, I turned to peek through the yellow curtains. We lived so far off the path, no one ever came over unannounced, especially when my parents were not home.  My stomach sank and a darkness loomed as I opened the door to two men I recognized as friends of my father.

The two friends also worked with Dad. In my mind I insisted they were here for a good cause. Slowly and with their heads slightly bowed, one of the men  asked when my mom would be home. I wasn’t sure, but she usually arrived before noon; the men replied it was okay, they would wait for her. I offered them a seat and something to drink and I continued my tasks at a much faster rate. I had to keep my mind and hands busy. Mom sauntered in and the men rose to meet her. All I can remember at that moment is the screaming.and watching her fall to her knees and the men trying to catch her.

There are no other memories until the  viewings and funeral. During the viewings I realized that I had lived the scenes of this surreal experience before. The tears and cries that my father had asked about were the dreams that I could not remember, but now could while standing in the funeral home. I cannot remember anything else of the days following the accident that killed Dad.  The only memories I carry are ofof the night before. I wished that I would have said, “I love you” to Dad instead of snap at him.

It was  on a Wednesday morning, I awoke up and couldn’t see. A film  covered my eyes and my eye lashes were stuck closed with the goo. It reminded me of a young baby with a cold. I didn’t remember crying in my sleep. I had dreams that I remembered toward morning, but none of them were sad. But, I had cried. I ignored my instincts and curiosity, I did not want to go there. I did not want to remember the nights before Dad was killed.I did not want to remember this was a premonition.

Thursday night I had a vivid dream that was first person, fantasy and yet, real. I opened our back door and o nto the grass to find a large turtle lying on her back. I gingerly picked her up and placed her in the wood. I returned to the steps to find the turtle lying there, again, on her back. I held the edges of her shell and returned her carefully to the edge of the wood and spoke to her and once again, I returned to the steps to find here there on her back.  My mind’s eye was now standing behind the room full of the guests inside  who were all dressed in white. I could read their minds, they all could see me and they thought my hands were empty and that I had lost it.They saw me as if I were talking to an empty space between my hands. Immediately, I was behind the the men in the security office watching the surveillance video. The video picked up the turtle on the tape leaving me to wonder about alchemy and magic.

Immediately, my eyes flashed open and I felt  wide awake. I recorded the dream in my journal and slipped downstairs to meditate. I could not clear my heart or my mind. Thinking that I would come back later and try again, I dressed for the day. In my closet, I was pulled to a white tunic that I wear for sacred ceremonies and a wooden necklace with a salamander on the disc; a high school graduation gift that I had never worn. I was not concerned why I felt that I needed to dress in such a way. It felt right. I honored the guides and gently pulled the tunic over my head. I felt a need to gently adjust the necklace over the tunic as if performing a ritual.

It was urgent to use my time wisely and decided to work on one of my continuing education classes when the telephone rang. There were no men at my door and my mother was not here, but the message would be the same  I did not scream nor fall to the floor. I cried bittersweet tears of joy and sorrow. I rejoiced that my sister who in truth was more of a mother to me journeyed Home. The tears of sorrow were for the living.

Now, as I prepare for the funeral, I will prepare to see what I cannot remember of my tearful sleep.  This time it will be easier. This time, I had said,” I love you.”


Synchronicity, The More You Look The More It Happens

Yesterday was so wild!  It is not often that an unknown person walks in your home and begins talking about your life as if he or she had been reading your diary.  The lively woman had barely stepped through the threshold when she cheerfully shared that she was delighted that I was a coach and our personal lives were so very similar. Her eyes were smiling as she declined a tea and indicated that she wanted to see the bedroom set for sale that was the purpose of her visit.

The details behind the reason of needing bedroom furniture was all too familiar, but I was stunned to hear the details unfold as if she was sharing my specific life story.  One would think that she researched my life, but those details are not public and I know very few people in this community. I led the woman through the door of the bedroom and opened invisible drawers for privacy and continued on showing her the exceptional condition of the finish and drawers. The woman smiled broadly, “This is synchronicity. I love this set. I tore a photo of this bedroom set out of a catalogue and told the Universe that I wanted it. Have you heard of Abraham Hicks?”

“I have. It is sychronistic. We were not planning to sell this bedroom set. We decided to follow the idea that just came out of the blue and posted it. There are two other women who expressed interest after I posted the set for sale. You were the first to come over.”

I wanted her to feel secure with her deposit so I asked her to come downstairs so that I could write a detailed receipt.  The woman’s exhuberance was refreshing and I was happy to meet a new friend who shared similar gifts and experiences. What makes this new friendship and the sale of the bed more synchronistic is that I had just decided to make more things happen by being more mindful in noticing synchronicity.

I had been reading the Synchronicity Key by David Wilcox and in a lark at the library fell upon the book The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, Your Guide to Finding Meaning in Signs Big and Small by Trish and Rob MacGregor on Sunday. I had not yet read it and know a bit about synchronicity, but I believe I can always learn more and I love to see through the eyes of others. Now, I had to re-evaluate how I see and think through my day.

I like to plan my day and my life. Or at least I used to do it far more in detail.  The problem in living life the way I used to is that it made it tough to be open to synchronicity and manifesting and miracles. I have learned that if I do not tell the Universe  how to bring me what I desire, what I pine for comes much faster. Now, I see that there must be room for synchronicity.

On Friday, it just popped into my mind to sell two beds. I wasn’t sure why, I like them both. It was just a strong pull to a clear idea. That is how synchronicity works.  You get a feeling to do something. Synchronicity works in many ways, like seeing someone in three different stores or perhaps you considered selling your house and a realtor called you out of the blue that day asking you if you want to sell and at the same time you are pulling out a realtors postcard out of your mailbox.

Synchronicity works like miracles, the more you look for them, the more they happen. I am still reeling over the incredible details of this new friendship and the sale of the bedroom set that she really wanted and asked the Universe for.  It is really awesome to be on the end of both giving and receiving.  Life is Grand! Absolutely Grand!


Dropping the New Year Resolutions and Winning

There is absolutely no reason to fret over your New Year resolutions.  It isn’t just the idea that if you fall down you can get up again. It is a matter of how you see resolutions and when and why you make them.

I have always seen a direct correlation between the way I brought in the New Year and with whom and the event of the rest of the year.  I suppose that is why kissing someone Happy New Year is so vital to many, they want to be sure their year is full of love.  This year there was a deep need to be in our home with close friends and or family.  It was necessary to be sure that I invited those who may not have plans of their liking.  It didn’t matter how many came on New Year’s Eve to play board games and partake of wine, cheese and fruit, it mattered that we made the effort to extend the welcome.  The evening was relaxed, intimate, fun and warm.  We felt blessed with abundance of love and prosperity.  If our year is going to be like New Year’s Eve, it is going to be the best ever.

The resolutions to be better at this or more mindful of that become an overwhelming project when they are all dumped on the table at once.  I don’t think I have ever made a resolution for the New Year.  As a child I was painfully aware of the feelings of others and my actions.  In the night under the cover of darkness and blankets I would reflect on my day, what I saw, what I said, how well I had done in school, sports, social situations and at home. I know a few times I pulled the pillow over my head and hoped it would hide my perceived crimes from others.  I would vow to do it differently next time. In my mind I would see how it would look and feel and I would set the intention that I would be successful the next time.  If inadvertently I hurt the feelings of another or even perceived I had, I would beeline the next day to the victim of my transgressions and apologize.  Quite often the victim never saw it as I did, but they were always happy for my concern for their feelings.

I added my classroom practices, my interactions with students and my children to the nightly reflections.  Eventually,  it became necessary to reflect upon my students and classroom at the end of the school day and from there evolved to the end of each class in the upper grades.  It was not a chore to do this or a loss of time. I had discovered that this saved time and pain.  More importantly, it saved myself from becoming a person I did not want to be.

Over the years my daily resolutions have fined tuned themselves to a more proactive approach.   Reflection still is important, but there is a freedom and a beautiful outcome that comes when we temper the daily life by seeing every event, person or thing from a place of Unconditional Love as well as living the Golden Rule.  This is why we are here.  We are here to be responsible for our Self and only our Self, living it in Unconditional Love and Service.  It doesn’t mean we do not use discernment or keep our boundaries.  It means that the “bad” things are quickly bathed in a perspective that allows us to see it as Spirit does. Then, we can choose our reaction or action.  Life is a series of reactions to reactions to reactions. In our daily resolutions we remain true to our Self and in this we live in balance and harmony and living in total balance and harmony brings miracles.  The more miracles you notice, the more miracles you will receive.

Everyone is inherintly a good person. Getting back to good health or a place you wish to be does not need to be overwhelming or difficult.  Having a moment when you forget your resolution or lose your resolve does not mean you quit on yourself.  It is much easier to stay in the game when it is one bite at a time, one day at a time.  It just begins with you, one moment at a time.

Miracles Are Yours- Now and Often

Magazine articles, movies and stories of miracles seem to dominate the season each Christmas. We read of miracles in the Bible and we think of these awing events as something that happens in Biblical times or only to others.This stories gives up hope and brings us joy. What makes a miracle happen and what does love have to do with it? (HaHa, Tina Turner, you are singing in my head.)  Do prayers help and how do we pray?  There are no rules to praying and there is not a limit to what is available to you. Some prayers work out the way we want them to and other times, they work out the way we need them to.

To make a prayer more powerful, it is believed that the prayer should be said, it should be vocal. Perhaps the question in my mind is if the prayer is written is it as powerful as vocal? Voice gives it vibration and creation and life is vibration. We are vibration. I cannot help but think of how dancing makes me feel. The more I sing and dance, the more alive I feel. Vibration is jumped started with every extreme emotion. After crying I feel cleared and more alive.

Scientists have found that when the number of people praying number at least the square root of one percent of the population that is being prayed for, the praying can move mountains. On the day of 9/11,  the measurements done on the earth painted a remarkably different picture than any other day. The world was praying and the energies being measured showed this peace and the crime rate all over the well fell to almost non-existent. Mass prayer is phenomenal.  What if the prayer was written and many people read it, would it be just as powerful as the prayers said by several people at one time?

Another dimension to the effectiveness of prayer is to pray from the heart. It is understood by many that you can manifest your desires by thought as discussed in the book, “The Secret“, which is powerful, but logic and reason male and male is duality. In duality, if your joy from your answered prayer is 70%, then you can expect an opposite of 70% which can come in the form of grief, sadness, frustration or anger.  Praying from the heart is female. Female or the feminine creates. Creating from the heart is in Unity, but not in duality. Therefore, your answered prayers are pure joy.

Staying mindful and focused on our thoughts in each and every moment is difficult at first. You see I wrote, “at first”.  Like all of our abilities and thinking skills, we need to practice the skill.  No doubt it will be even more frustrating for anyone who sits in front of a television for hours. Television is broadcast in a manner that only requires focus for two to three minutes at a time. Even worse for our children, television shows are written in the speaking vocabulary of second graders and most newspapers are written on the  fifth grade level. We are programmed in our media to be receptors, not thinkers or creators. To be mindful will require that we use our own minds and be aware and present always. It is not hard, just different.  Being mindful is a form of prayer to me. Thoughts create, the Universe responds to our thoughts. Therefore, to me, each thought is a mini-prayer beginning creation of joy in my life .I should write that this is my experience.

What if I wrote my fantasy and it was read by all of you? Would your mind and heart manifest it into reality?  The part of me that loves science is challenged to experiment. Or maybe it is a part of me that knows this is true and wants validation and an energy boost. It doesn’t matter which it is, what matters is manifesting a miracle out of love and intention. What do you get out of it besides the intrinsic reward and joy of giving?  The validation and confidence of creating your own miracles. .

My thoughts are prayer this morning were immediate and full of fantasy, so to speak. It is healthy and powerful to fantasize about the love and joy and the  world you want to live in and have. So, I fantasize and see in my mind’s eye, our children remembering the unconditional love we have always had for them. They look at pictures and realize that my husband and I were always the photographer, the one behind the lens and therefore not in the photographs of those precious moments.  The dream continues that they begin to remember us taking them to church and nurturing their spiritual life, taking the names of children off Christmas trees to provide gifts for and they remember the hours I sat alone at their recitals, concerts, games and tournaments. There were school birthday parties for their classes and slumber parties. Homework without tears and driving back around the block to give money to the homeless.  The realization that hearsay doesn’t jive with the Truth as they have experienced it will be felt throughout their entire beings. True Peace overcomes them and a strength forgotten surfaces. Without thought or need to understand, without communicating with each other, all of the children pack their bags in their respective homes and make their way to our door knowing that our love is here, unconditional and waiting for them just as God waits for us to return Home.

They all descend upon the house on Christmas with an exuberant hugs and kisses and tears of joy. Holiday lights seem brighter and more vibrant, the home warmer and full of life. There is nothing to be said, nothing to be heard. Love is an energy that is felt and lived. Love dis-spells all myths, fear, and confusion. There is nothing to forgive.

Laughter rings out late into the night. Time does not exist and the time lost is now erased. I steal away from the festivities and slip into my sacred space. I fall to my knees in front of my altar. Silent tears of gratitude and joy run down my cheeks. I say a prayer of thanks for you and the miracle you have created.

Miracles are not just for holidays and Biblical times. They are not for others, they are for all of us including and especially you.  The more miracles are noticed, the more they occur. You havie read this and maybe for a moment or two, you felt love and compassion in your heart; in  this you have created a miracle in my life. I cannot find words that express my gratitude for you and to you, but Thank you.