What is Soul Coaching®?   

It is true that as a Soul Coach® I am here to help you hear messages from within so that you can discover your purpose
and design a life that supports your mission, but my personal investment and calling into Soul Coaching is to help you not
only discover that who you are is not only enough, but also that who you are is worthy. It is my intent and my honor and
privilege to help my clients discover their naturally intuitive, resourceful and creative self.  My clients can be ensured
that I provide a safe and nurturing space for them to discover their own knowledge regarding their present and the

Soul Coaching® is not therapy; it is different from life coaching. Yes, emotional healing and sometimes physical healing
takes place during the processes and yes, as in life coaching clients will focus on attaining goals, but these will come to
you, the client,  as we clear away the useless chatter in your mind, clear away the clutter of old baggage and beliefs that
no longer serve you and perhaps never did.
What is Soul Coaching® ?
I offer a free 28 Day program for anyone who has
experienced domestic violence or abuse.

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Soul Coaching ® is based on the natural Four
Elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire.   It
must be understood that wholeness resides
in harmonic forces that exist outside our
perception of our senses and are only
symbolized by the elements which not only
represent the real air, water, fire and
earth, but also represent conditions of life
and through separating the aspects of
nature into individual parts, discernment and
wisdom occurs.  The four elements of nature
are woven in our Universe. The energies of
these four elements in nature seem to
represent the energies and patterns in
ourselves as humans too.  Native Americans,
ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs,
Persians, Celts and Hindus. Egyptian Sages
fervently believed that reflection on the
four elements provided a profound
understanding of life and Hippocrates
declared that a patient’s health depended on
a balance of the four elements

Soul Coaching may take several forms.
Examples which can be altered to fit your


2)      Groups- small groups. Confidentiality,
trust and personal attention are important to

3)      Online- Not everyone has the time or
geographical advantage to be able to attend
the program in person, so Online Soul
Coaching® is perfect for these people.

In all forms of Soul Coaching® my clients can
trust that we will have a powerful relationship
and it will be based on trust, communication
and a soulful connection.
Soul Coaching® does help clients attain goals or fulfill a dream that he or she desires in a more soulful way than
ordinary coaching. It is my job to assist my clients in finding their true inner answers, as well as to inspire my
clients to reach their dreams. But, it is also my desire and intent to work with my clients on a deeper level. I
believe that soul work helps create a shift in the collective consciousness and therefore can even help contribute
to the potential transformation of humanity that is needed to survive and thrive in this time of transformation.
It is my true and genuine desire for my work to help my clients to feel worthy and loved; to know their soul and to
heal, to not only work through the program, know that they have succeeded for their highest good at the
completion of the program.

Sacred Soul Inspiration
The aim of Soul Coaching® is to align the inner spirituality with the outer life.
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