Sacred Soul Inspiration
Anita  Kuhn Carria

Thanks...,Anita! You are truly a lightworker! I want to add that I will always be
thankful to you for providing some really amazing spiritual experiences with your
Meetup! They were instrumental to my path and you were such a great leader! Love,
Kevin F.

Anita is AWESOME!!  I have known Anita for a few years, but never had a session.  
After experiencing some serious energetic attachments, it was suggested to me that I
should have a session with her.  She was very accommodating and had a very
peaceful healing space.  I was truly blessed by my session with Anita.  She was able
to tune into my energetic fields and body to discern what I needed to clear the
energetic attachments.  She performed body work in the form of Chelation; guided
me through a beautiful meditation and visualization that raised my vibration
significantly; provided me with "tools" that I can use on my own to raise and maintain
that high vibration; and attuned me to the Angelic Realm.  After the session I felt as
light as a feather and am still walking on clouds.  Thank you Anita for sharing your
gift with me - you are truly a blessing.  With gratitude. Donna Blackstone

Hi Anita,
Thank you for all your care and guidance during this soul seeking journey. I have
learned so much about myself, my spirit and those who guide and direct me. I think
of u every time I pass the plant that is still growing somehow and I send u love and
gratitude. I am enjoying the Buddha as well and he will remind me to get still and
know that everything is fine. I am grateful that u r in my life.
With light and love,

Your sincerity and caring nature really came through on you reading.  The audio was
extremely helpful. It is something I will reference time and time again.   Thank you so
much for the time you spent with me.~ Loren D.

Hey Anita,
Thanks for the note.  Just wanted to say you really changed my life with the reading
you did on Sunday.  I am so grateful that you were at the holistic fair.  Thank you for
your guidance.

Thank you so much! What great reading we had. I got so much out of it. God bless
you Thank you for sharing your gifts!

Anita is an amazing, safe, comforting and intuitive soul coach. Anita has a smooth,
calm voice that took me deeper into a past life journey than I have ever been. She is
attentive and knew exactly what I needed to stay safe. Anyone who works with Anita
will be much blessed.      Eugenia C., Contract Specialist, Federal Government

Dearest Anita!
I have sincerely loved sharing with you....You really have a strong, safe presence and
an infectious Life Force Energy. You are soft, too and have a beautiful inner glow and
a rare depth of generosity which has totally touched me. You're a leader and very
inspiring.Dalbinder K. , Senior Supervising Social Worker and Trainer UK
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