I want to share with you that you are Sacred.  I honor  and respect You.  I work with a team of Guides for
my work upon this planet and the healing, messages, and Knowing come from the Divine.  Everything
upon this earth is interwoven, inter-related and connected. We are multi-dimensional Be-ings capable of
Limitless Power. I honor my work. I honor the One, the Divine, Source, God. I honor you as you are me
and I am you. I honor the blade of grass and the bear for we all are One. I will not give any visions that
take away your choices or your free will. It is my intention that all healing and or information shared is
for your Highest Good. I will my will to be the Will of The One.

Your safety and confidence is always top priority.
This is an exciting time in our history for many it is also a time of great physical, emotional, mental and personality
changes. These changes are unexpected and often confusing and or frightening. Anita has extensive experience with
assisting those who seek guidance, understanding, and healing. The truth is that this upheaval is to be expected
during these times and in order for us to grow and become our Authentic Self we must re-connect with our Soul.
Anita assists you through process allowing you to leave the You that others expect you to be and BEcome the  you
that is your true nature.

As a Soul Coach®, Anita helps those who seek guidance or clarity about their Authentic Self and Soul Purpose of
their Be-ing.  Trained by internationally renowned Denise Lnn, Anita is an Internationally Certified Soul Coach®
and Past Life Coach®. She employs the methods created by Denise Linn and applies her skills as a teacher and
28 Day Soul Coaching Program®
Soul Coaching® Programs and Services


Quite often the daily hectic pace and busy lifestyle is so loud
that our Ego can be clearly heard, but we cannot hear our
Soul. We know that something is amiss because we feel ill at
ease in our body. Our body sensations are excellent clues to
whether we are living in harmony in our life. When we do not
feel well or have "bad feelings" or pain, these are signals
that we must change something. This is an excellent way to
discover what you need to change.

Soul Journeys are based on what the client needs to work on
- Abundance, success, relationships, issues concerning self
esteem, health, learning to visualize (left brain/right brain)
and meeting with a Soul Messenger or Spirit Guide.

Soul Journeys are delightful and engaging. One is relaxed and
the journey begins with a guided meditation. The Soul then
shares with the journey the messages that he or she needs
to hear for their highest good.  This seems simple, it is, but
the results are amazing

Past and Future Life Regressions
To heal the past is to heal the now and the future. Often, when one experiences pain or even great joy, that energy
is locked into that memory. Dr. Brian Weiss and others have shown that in seeing the cause in a past life, the
medical or emotional issue in the current life heals.  Time is linear only in our realities. Einstein's theory of
relativity states the present, past and future are the same circular. Since 1986, quantum physicists have proven
this to be true.
Sacred Soul Inspiration

Collages can be used to receive answers from your Soul and they can be used to manifest or create.

12 Moon Collage - This annual collage is done to honor and energize the coming 12 moons. It can also
be done to manifest and energize a wonderful new year.

Health Collage

Abundance or Prosperity

Relationships- You can put intention on a relationship that you would like healed or you may seek
questions as to how to work within that relationship.


Manifestation/Law of Attraction

Spirituality - enhances your connection to the Divine and opens your heart to messages from the
Sacred Realm

Problem Solving/Decision Making

Rite of Passage or Celebration - Honors---graduation, birth, death, wedding, job promotion, etc

Honoring Another - This can be used as a gift or it can be used as a focus to send love
Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Readings

Your soul and your Higher Self communicate with my
Guides for a reading that addresses a question that you
have asked. This is similar to Tarot, except that I do not
tell you what the pictures on the card represent- you
know at some deep level what these mean- I intuit the
rest of the message and meaning of the cards
individually and as a whole brought into one meaning.
Do you know that there are secret messages hidden in your cells? Do you know that
uncovering these messages could have a profound effect on your health, as well as every aspect
of your life?
This 28-day program  is based on Denise Linn’s original Soul Coaching® program. It takes you on a heartfelt
journey into the vast inner universe of your body where mysteries dwell as great as  any that are found in the
bodies of the cosmos and heaven.. In your cells, glands and organs there are countless insights about your life.  
As these are revealed, your radiance expands and your body becomes freer and lighter.
Your body can be thought of as a cable router, constantly receiving and absorbing deeply meaningful messages
from the world around you, as well as from spiritual spheres and your spiritual mentors.
However, you can’t hear those messages if your body is clogged with inner static. This
interference doesn’t just come from lack of exercise or an overload of junk food; in the deepest sense, it’s a result
of self-imposed, limiting beliefs and fears that have become lodged in your energy field.
This program will show you how to successfully maneuver through—and clear away the static from—the labyrinth
of energy fields in your physical form. As you do so, your body turns into a powerful sending and receiving station
of energy, light, and spirit. And, most important, you feel sparkling and bright!
The primary aim of the Soul Coaching® Health and Vitality Program is to remove this inner debris so that you can
connect with the spiritual wisdom of your body. This isn’t a diet plan or a technique for controlling the intake of
food and drink, nor is it a physical exercise regimen or fitness program. There’s deep intelligence in your body that
absolutely knows what you need in every moment and understands that getting healthy isn’t about depriving or
constricting yourself. It’s about living life lusciously, and cherishing and honoring yourself.
This is a journey to lighten your soul and, thus, lighten your body.
Unlocking the Secrets of Your Body
Soul Coaching® Health and Vitality 28 Day Program
Past and future life regressions are available. We are often
drawn to things in this lifetime that we do not have experience
with. We bring past experiences into the next life.   One client
believed she was not a good person because she thought
she had behaved inappropriately in a past life  .
In her
regression, she journeyed to two past lives and discovered
that she was the victim of acts of immoral
Just returning to the moment of trauma releases energy that
has been held there from deep emotion. It is
possible to go back and change the event as well.
28 Day Soul Coaching® Surviving and
Thriving Program  

Anita offers this program free to those who have experienced
domestic violence or abuse.  If you are currently in such of a
situation, Anita offers this program with Love and compassion.
Please know that this is something that she Knows- please ask
Other examples of Soul Journeys:

Meet the Messenger- is there a valuable message or specific information

Meet Spirit Animal

Help with Relationships

Finding Your Spirit Name         

Shamanic Journey

Identity  Council                                                                                       

Other Journeys

Seeing through the Eyes of Another                                   

Return to Source

Connecting to the Divine Within

Life contracts                                                   Chakra Clearing

Color Healing                                                    Meet the Spirit of the Home

Role Model                                                        The Truth of a Situation

Cellular Rejuvenation                                     Meet the Spirit of Money
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