Sacred Soul Inspiration - Anita Kuhn Carria
Reiki and Holy Fire ® III Reiki

Reiki is a gentle Japanese technique for relaxation, reducing stress while promoting healing.  
Anyone can learn healing for use on their person or on others. A Reiki treatment is based on
the concept that Life Force Energy flows through the hands.  Life Force Energy is what makes
us alive and when it is low, we may feel stress or become sick. Keeping our Life Force, our
Prana, Chi, at ultimate levels helps us to stay healthy.

Anyone can learn Reiki to use on their own person or on another. To learn Reiki one receives
an "attunement" which is passed on to them by a Reiki Master.  Reiki heals the body, emotions,
mind and spirit. Reiki has been used effectively on every illness known. It is often used on  
patents before and after surgery with astounding results.  It is a safe spiritual healing that feels
euphoric.  My clients usually drop into a deep state of relaxation immediately.

For many years, I avoided Reiki because I did not understand the need for attunements. After
many years, I asked a friend to give me a sample of her different forms of Reiki. She sent
them to me one by one and each had a different, but beautiful frequency. I loved the channeled
energies, but still, my concern was the frequencies were not as high as those I was used to
channeling through me.  Then, I read about Holy Fire and experienced the energy with much
excitement. Holy Fire was by far the highest, most effective frequency and similar to what I
was used to. As a Lightsmith, I use Soul Coaching
®, Chelations, Akashic Readings, Integrated
Energy Therapy and even Past Life Regressions to help others clear the debris of what is not
their truth and heal that which blocks them, depending on what their individual needs are so
that they each may step into their Authentic Self. The Authentic Self is directly connected to
God. It is my work to help others become who they truly are and always have been; a Light
Being having an experience on Earth to accelerate their spiritual growth and move deeper into
God.  Holy Fire III is given to us from Jesus. The same Holy Fire Jesus used in His times.
Holy Fire is not a religious healing, but a spiritual energy to heal the whole- mind, body, soul
and spirit.
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