28 Day Soul Coaching® Program                                        Individual- $325, Group - $225, Online $175

28 Day Soul Coaching® Health and Vitality Program           Individual- $325, Group - $225,Online $175

Spiritual Guidance / Mentoring                                            $ 85.00  60 minutes

Angel Readings - 30 minute and 60 minute                          $ 50.00 --30 minutes    $ 95.00-- 60

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reading                                  $  39.00

Akashic Record Reading                                                     $ 225.00 hour,    $ 120.00-30 minutes

Integrated Energy Therapy                     Basic I.E.T- $25.00, Intermediate-$100.00, Advanced - $125.00
Source Healing   or Holy Fire III Reiki    (may be both, together)  
 $ 98.00     60 minutes

Soul  Journey                                                                      $ 85.00

Shamanic Journey                                                               $ 85.00

Past or Future Life Regression                                            $165.00   

AngelLink Attunements                                                       $ 75.00 each

Lightarian Ray Attunements                                                $ 75.00

Chelation                                                                                                $ 85.00
Sacred Soul Inspiration
Menu of Energy Exchanges
I do not charge for the services for they are gifts of Creator. I ask
for an exchange of energy for the time in the form of currency. I
accept the donations for my energy through PayPal and cash.

I believe in giving back, therefore  I offer Strive to Thrive, Free for
victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse (women, men and
children).  I also consider and grant financial forgiveness in special

I am available to all 28 Day Program participants during the
program for support.  Clients may call, text, e-mail me or Skype me
as needed beyond the sessions.


For assistance please click here.

All services will be prepaid through PayPal invoicing.
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Four Sessions -  Integrated Energy Therapy        Intermediate               $350.00  (Paid in Advance)

Four Sessions -  Spiritual Guidance or Mentoring                                       $310.00   (Paid in Advance)

Lightarian Rays  -  All six Ray Attunments                10% off                        $351.00   (Paid in Advance)

AngelLink Attunements - Seraph Rose & Four Archangel  10% off       $293.00   (Paid in Advance)