What Is A Soul Coach?

A Soul Coach provides a safe and risk
free and supportive environment in
which one can objectively examine
their life, their fears, and their beliefs
allowing them to release that which
does not serve them. Please see,
“What is Soul Coaching® to discover
how a Soul Coach can help you.

What is a Lightsmith?

A Lightsmith has the abilty to See, to
KNOW. A Lightsmith is like a
Lightworker or a Wayshower which
assists others on their journey. A
Lightsmith assists others on their
Ascension as well as offers healing,
spiritual guidance, messages from the
Ascended Masters and Angels and
support for conscious and mindful
living.  As a Lightsmith,  it is my Divine
Plan to assist others to become clearly
conscious of their own Mighty I AM
Presence. This inherent God Self is
within each of us. We are each a Child
of the Light.

I didn't really know the feeling of joy
until I accepted who I AM.  For so long I
had hidden the gifts that I AM to use to
help others in this life. I AM not only
happier, I AM now able to experience
the true Joy of the One.

My life has been full of adversity and
as others have pointed out, I have
always landed on my feet. Adversity
was merely an obstacle to overcome. It
was an opportunity to be grateful for.
Today, I understand that the shelf of
trophies that I have earned from
overcoming the hurdles were not
merely events, but first hand
experiences providing me the ablity to  
understand the needs, the perceptions
and the humaness of others. For to be
of service, one must be
compassionate. What better way is
there to be able to be compassionate
than to have lived it?

My inherent abilities include clair-
voyance, clairsentience,
claircognizance and being an open
channel for Source Healing in my
presence.  I work with Nature the
Angelic Realm and Ascended Masters
and my Guides. I treasure the joys in
working with the Elementals, Ancestors
and those having crossed over.

Anita Holley  CSC, CPLC, M.A.

Certifications and Education

Soul Coaching®- Internationally

Soul Coaching® Past Life Regression
h - Internationally Certified

Integrated Energy Therapy®
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Lightarian AngelLinks® Facilitator

Lightarian Ray® Facilitator

Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader

A.A., B.A, & M.A. Education

Healer, Intuitive

Holy Fire Reiki Master/Trainer

Professional Angel Card Reader -
Intuitive Readings
Divine Interventions

Success Motivation Institute

Effective Personal Time Management

Soul Clearing and Spirit Creations
My mission is to assist others in
their desire to live in total balance
and harmony, When One is in
complete balance and
harmony,One transcends.
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